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Sacred Pregnancy: The Music


Sacred Pregnancy has produced two albums, by Nina Lee. Nina Lee’s CD's “The Deep Drink” + "Deep Surrender" are now available on the iTunes store! This music is used throughout our Sacred Pregnancy Retreats + classes and is a beautiful reminder of the power and strength we have as women.


These CD's are perfect for pregnant mothers preparing for their birth journey, Sacred Pregnancy instructors to use in their birth and pregnancy classes, and all birth visionaries who want some music to set the tone of their classes and lives.


NINA LEE is a loving mother to three children Isaiah, Sonoma and Sage. Creator of Rainbow Music, a music program for all ages which brings the gift of sacred sound and song circles into the lives of families. Advocate for the Songs for Kids Foundation, bringing music and interactive concerts into children’s hospitals throughout the United States. Co-founder of Escuela Azul, a Spanish immersion and cultural education program for families. Singer + songwriter, performing independently and leading song circles at specialty events, workshops, and retreats. Original song heard on the Sacred Pregnancy book trailer, currently recording a CD to supplement the Sacred Pregnancy teachings. Privileged to travel, live, work, and volunteer abroad and throughout the West Coast bridging communities. Passionate about helping others uncover and discover their unlimited potential.  Mother, daughter, sister, singer, teacher, woman I am.

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