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Sacred Pregnancy: 

The Magazine


Sacred Pregnancy Magazine is an independently published quarterly magazine packed with cutting edge soulful information on pregnancy, birth, mothering, and everything in between.


A collection of stories, articles and wisdom offered up by empowered women within the birthing + mothering communities, this quarterly magazine offers information anywhere from body-image and mindful eating, to sexuality, food, herbs, DIY ideas, book reviews and sisterhood.


The Sacred Pregnancy Magazine was conceived when Anni Daulter, author of the Sacred Pregnancy book, decided to expand what the book had to offer, into more areas of interest. Along with an eclectic group of writers, artists, pregnancy and birthing gurus, sacred pregnancy provides a community of women and men working together to change the way babies are being born, and mamas-to-be are preparing for their little ones. Every issue has a theme and brings fresh content, beauty and information with the highest standards in quality.


The Sacred Pregnancy Magazine is available in print and online. For franchise information visit our info page.

In every issue you can expect to see:


be brave : i double dare you

herb drawer : plant love

feature : expert highlight

deep drink: sip this

dads corner : he speaks

birthing bones : health + wellness

reflections: journal this…

awakening : a spiritual walk

in love : life pairing pick

eco beauty bar : the juice

pretty + poetic : honoring pregnancy

circle round : gathering groups

and so much more...


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Sacred Pregnancy Magazine

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