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Susannah Kolstad
Northern Virginia + Washington DC

Susannah Kolstad

The Art of Sacred Postpartum Leader


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After the birth of her two sons, Susannah Kolstad felt deeply called to support mothers and their family as they welcome their new baby to this world.  Susannah became a certified Postpartum Doula in 2014 and became passionate about helping a mother heal after the birth of her baby.  She felt that mothers needed to heal physically but also emotionally and spiritually from the profound experience of birthing a baby and transitioning from maiden to mother.  In 2015, Susannah became a Certified Mother Roaster and began sharing this healing medicine with women in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas.  In 2016, Susannah also became a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and a I AM Sisterhood retreat facilitator. 

As a mother and a birth worker, Susannah has experienced the profoundly Sacred journey through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood.  She believes that all milestones in a woman's life should be honored as Sacred.  Through her work as a postpartum doula, Susannah has found that bringing the Beauty Way into the lives of the families she supported always eased their load as they begin their journey as parents. 

Susannah is the owner of Oasis Family Services offering care as a postpartum doula, placenta specialist, mother roaster, I AM Sisterhood retreat leader, sisterhood circle leader, and postpartum preparation educator.  Susannah is also so pleased to offer 8 week classes and mini-retreats for Sacred Pregnancy as well as the full range of Mother Roasting services offered through Sacred Postpartum.  In addition, Susannah is honored to lead the Sacred Postpartum Live retreats training other Mother Roasters.   

Susannah is a homeschooling mother of two young boys and the wife of an amazingly supportive husband who allows her to spread her wings and follow her path wherever it takes her.  She grew up in the Washington, DC area and loves sharing the magic and medicine of the Sacred Living Movement to her community and beyond. She loves spending her days with her boys in nature and spreading beauty wherever she goes.