Stephanie Holz

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Conceived and raised in the wilderness of the southeast Wisconsin, surrounded by dairy cow farms, poison ivy, oaks, quaking aspens, wild hops, wild bergamot, and more bars than you can count on one hand, this spunky, energetic woman fled to the Northwest in search of the refuge from mosquitos and ticks being near the ocean could provide.

Family focused-values (I am one of 7 kids; my dad is the youngest of 8; all of us are close), appreciater of all things beautiful, and passionate about the pursuit of knowledge to gain freedom of choice, I found my way to Sacred Pregnancy via a dear friend who I studied midwifery with. While I still have a little while yet, and some more schooling, before becoming a midwife, and right now only providing postpartum and prenatal support, while also providing photography services, I follow Michel Odent's musing in regards to his weekly singing gatherings at his hospital, "I believe women benefit more from singing with us than going through another prenatal examination!"

I am a nurturer and lover by nature, and I'm the kind of person to stand by your side to help guide you to your own inner voice rather than indoctrinate you with what I think is right (and I'll likely spoil you with gifts and good food!). I love to cook, and my retreats feature my favorite healthy meals!

Joy is the natural ingredient that can bring wellbeing to all, and I create an environment for all mama's to experience it!


Stephanie is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats, the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.