Stephanie Cutler
Cowichan Valley
British Columbia

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I am a mother to a beautiful girl and wife to an amazing man, and in addition, I am a birth doula and a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor. Getting to where I am now has felt like the most crazy ride of serendipity, and at the same time it feels like every step of the last decade has really been pulling me this way, opening my heart, teaching me more. I feel so blessed to spend my time supporting families in birthing. It is my intention in every aspect of my work to provide an energy that is full of love, and to just be with women and their partners as they find their own path, not guiding, but gently assisting them along the way. I deeply desire that my clients, and all those I interact with will feel cherished and nourished as they walk their journey.

Having spent the last two years working with birthing families and with other doulas through community groups, programs, and associations, I am so thrilled to be adding a new depth to my work through Sacred Pregnancy. After my initial training, and once I settled into my role as a doula, I started to feel like I wanted more — like the families I was working with deserved more. I began to realize that there was a big missing link in our culture around birth, that we no longer honour or celebrate the journey, and we are missing out in a big way! This started my search for that missing element, and I truly feel in my heart that what I was missing is exactly what I am now able to offer through Sacred Pregnancy. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that will come from this beautiful gift as they unfold and grow in my community.


Stephanie is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats, the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.