Sarah Tuck
North Carolina

Contact: + 912-655-2326




I have a background in Art and Education and became very passionate about birth when I became pregnant with my daughter after grad school. I’ve always been a bit dissent oriented and have worked with women and kids in the arts in refugee camps abroad. When I was pregnant I realized I didn’t have to travel around the world to find a culture in need of huge paradigm shifts. My heart lit up and I realized that all the education and experience I’ve had has led me to this point to be able to serve women and help empower women to connect with the sacred journey of becoming a mother. I spent hundreds of hours researching birth, pregnancy, postpartum practices, and holistic child rearing. I am enrolled in a holistic midwifery program. My goal is to complete an apprenticeship and become a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife).


I also have studied and qualified in Herbal Medicine, Thai Massage, Reiki, and as a Holistic Doula and Nutrition Counselor.


Sarah is certified to teach the 2-day Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat.