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Sacred V-steam + Teas + Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press

Mini Webinar

This online training is for all birth workers! 


Do you want to learn to the ART of VAGINAL STEAMS + TEAS and the HEALING of a Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press for POSTPARTUM WOMEN?


Sacred Pregnancy is offering a short webinar class that will include an audio, video, article, and soul prompts. We will take a deep look at healing body, mind, + spirit of the postpartum woman through these techniques.


Visit our buy page to reserve your spot in our next training if you want to add these SACRED skills to your DOULA and/or BIRTH BAG of goodies! COST : 55.

This program is run as a two-day webinar and is all pre-recorded so you DO NOT need to be there at a certain time. The morning of the training, you will get an email explaining all of the details on how to proceed with the training.

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