Sacred Pregnancy Online


Completion of the online ecourse will allow you to run a mini version of what we do in the 8 week Sacred Pregnancy course. In addition, you will learn how to do the Sacred Belly Bind, Sealing Ceremonies, & Belly Firming Paste which are all traditionally a part of the 4 week Birth Journey courses and our Art of Sacred Postpartum Training.


By way of pre-recorded audios, emails, deep projects, soul prompts, sacred pregnancy music, journaling, homework, readings inspired posts, articles, poetry, and sacred circling you will learn the following:

sacred space


Explore creating a personal sacred space at home + beauty way  meditation practice + the benefits of journaling + the beginning of taking the DEEP DRINK

Sister Project : you will create a collage candle + build a personal sacred altar + ruin set + dream box

connection + expectations


Explore connection to yourself, your sisterhood & the baby and the pregnancy experience +

discuss pregnancy expectations

Sister Project : sister love speak + mother wisdom deck + heart to heart

food + body image


Relationship to food memories, mindful eating, body changes + challenges

Sister Project : body painting + menu cards + witness dancing


Holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood

Sister Project : you will burn your fears + do group EMPOWERMENT silk painting


Find the strength to forgive past hurts allow emotional space to open up BEFORE baby

Sister Project :  rip + release + binding your power "power stick"


 emotional nesting + gender bias + mother / baby blessings

Sister Project : honoring + flower hair wreaths

rite of passage

postpartum sealing ceremony + bengkung belly binding + belly firming paste

sisterhood 'going to the bowl'

The last week is spent in a sisterhood circle in deep reflection of the experiences

shared together and going forward

Sister Project :  going to the salt bowl

**Once certified, you as the Sacred pregnancy instructor, will be able to do the following:


1. Lead 2-4 day mini-Sacred Pregnancy retreats in your communities for pregnant women. This will allow you to bring a hearty taste of Sacred Pregnancy to your communities, and be able to bring in some moolah for you!


2. Make some money! You choose how much you want to charge for your mini day retreats, although we recommend $150-200. per woman (which would include art supplies) Further, you be invited to join our membership, that the SP Mentor Instructors are invited to join. This membership allows you to have access to hundreds of photos in our photo library, fully designed + printable marketing materials, the ability to join our support FB private groups, and placement on our website with your photo + bio + link to your own websites. The first year is mandatory, but subsequent years is not.


3. This is a two-day mini retreat for pregnant moms that you will be able to instruct in your communities to help women build sacred personal strength.



1. Training Cost: $175. Fees must be paid in full upon signing up.


2. Supplies: You will need to purchase the Sacred Pregnancy Book, Mother Wisdom Deck, Sacred Pregnancy CD's  (downloadable on iTunes) 'The Deep Drink' + 'Deep Surrender', and there will be art supplies that you will need to procure, most of which are very affordable and easily attained. You will get a full class "supplies" list prior to the first class starting.


3. Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Membership : Sacred Pregnancy Membership is mandatory for one year and after that it is optional: $100./per year. You can procure membership anytime during the training, but it must be paid by the end of the training within one week following. When you become a member you receive a private pass-code that will give you access to our incredibly extensive photo library + printer ready marketing materials. Your photo + bio + personal websites will be listed on our Sacred Pregnancy site, and you will be invited to post your classes on our events page on the website. You will also be invited to our private Facebook group for Sacred Pregnancy Level 1 instructors to network with other instructors and draw support from the sisters in our group. If you decide to not maintain membership after your first year, you will be removed from the Sacred Pregnancy website, the Facebook group, and the private access to markeing materials and the most current class info.


We hope to have you join our Sacred Pregnancy Movement...


In Sisterhood,

Anni Daulter