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Praise for The Book : Sacred Pregnancy

Finding the words for something that is beyond words is a difficult task, when thinking about writing a reflection for Sacred Pregnancy I'm flooded with so many yummy feelings I just want to wrap them up and hand it to women that haven't read it. This is more than a book, it is an experience, it is an expression of spirit and it speaks to the innate soul within all women. It is what I  have been searching for as a women to reclaim the divine feminine as many sisters are,  so united we can revive and restore this sacred energy on Earth back to it's full glory. Anni has blazed the trail, she has courageously cut through the overgrowth and lined this blessed path with petals and candles to lovingly warm and guide the passage back home through our birthright, to birth. Sacred Pregnancy is medicine, blissful honouring is felt on every page, the awakening from deep inside to heal from within and grow from within. A matrix that is so established and strong from all the divine women that have come before us through the ages. This book is a direct link to connect to this. It's power resonates loudly in every cell of my body, my mind and my soul, my power. It's a way of life, it is our true nature and it holds and nurtures that knowing with each word and image. A remembering of our power as women to birth, to bring life forth into this world. Whether it be a blessed child, a blessed project or a blessed part of self. This map is so inviting and empowering that it compels you to join this majestic dance down this sacred path. Thank You Annie for your bravery in forging a path that was lost in the western world, for the magic you envisioned and created in such a beautiful way, for having the faith in your sisters and me. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!   

~ Katie Fields

“Full of original ideas for food, movie, book, website, and other pairings for the weeks of pregnancy, Sacred Pregnancy is a one of a kind book. Exquisitely beautiful photographs and gorgeous design complement the loving tone of acceptance so richly present in its pages. Sacred Pregnancy will lift the spirits of all pregnant women!

~Peggy O’Mara, founder,


“I wish I had read Sacred Pregnancy when I was pregnant instead of the dozen books I had to piece together to try to make sense of it all. Anni Daulter has created what should be the new standard for today’s mom: birth journals, labor workbooks, pregnancy memoirs, and holistic wisdom. It is gentle and enlightening, and lays the foundation for what we know helps women have the labor and birth they want and deserve: support, self-knowledge, and empowerment.”

~Mayim Bialik, actress


“Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life and should be honored and valued. Sacred Pregnancy helps empower women and encourages them to personally reflect on their internal process before having children. This is a beautiful gift to all pregnant women!”

~Fit Pregnancy Magazine


“From the spiritual (how to visualize your perfect birth) to the practical (a large section on birthing options), this pregnancy journal is a spiritual adviser and supportive doula all in one.”

~Ricki Lake, actress, and Abby Epstein, filmmaker, The Business of Being Born


“Sacred Pregnancy provides vital information in a framework that is crucial for women and families embarking on the tremendous adventure and responsibility of birthing new life. An important reference that you will keep next to your bed throughout your pregnancy.”

~Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, cofounder, Pregnancy Awareness Month


“I have never read such an in-depth, affirmative and warm book about our power as women in birth. Sacred Pregnancy is unique—instead of focusing outward on what we need, it draws us inward to honor the tools we inherently have. This book is a must-have journal and keepsake for the sacred mama-to-be in your life.”

~Rachel Myers, Green Hugs, healthy-home and green-nest advocate


“Sacred Pregnancy brought tears to my eyes. This book brings the outward and inward experiences of pregnancy together in such a powerful and beautiful way. Anni Daulter has documented such important milestones that happen to each and every pregnant woman during pregnancy and offers connective ways to go deep within each step of the way. Connection and healing are such important aspects of pregnancy that very often get overlooked in our fast-paced society. Sacred Pregnancy is a book that every pregnant woman should have access to during this special and empowering point in her life.”

~Lisa DeNardo, mother of five and blogger at


“Few women are so committed to advocating for a woman’s right to birth her baby in a sacred and empowering way as Anni Daulter is. She has a tremendous gift to offer us all in her passion to protect the family dynamic as she shares the mysteries of the birth journey with us.”

~Aleksandra Evanguelidi, LM, CPM, owner of The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center


“Sacred Pregnancy is a wonderful book and is absolutely beautiful and touching. It really speaks to vital pregnancy issues—I would recommend this as a gift for all pregnant moms.”

~Shiva Rose, actress


“Sacred Pregnancy is an amazing book and it’s so gorgeous! I wish this were available to me during any of my three pregnancies, as I think this will help women get more in touch with themselves throughout this beautiful process. I would happily recommend Sacred Pregnancy to all expecting moms.”

~Shanna Moakler, actress, TV personality, and mother of Alabama, Atiana, and Landon


“It’s rare to find a pregnancy book that is nourishing, empowering, informative, and enjoyable, but Sacred Pregnancy manages to do all of that and more. Anni Daulter challenges her readers to reframe and rethink the way society looks and talks about pregnancy. This book shines through as a reminder that we already have all that we need around us to have a positive and fulfilling pregnancy. A must read for any mother-to-be!”

~Avital Norman Nathman, blogger at The Mamafesto: Where Motherhood & Feminism Collide


“Sacred Pregnancy is a wonderful read for a mom-to-be who is interested in the spiritual side of pregnancy. It is uplifting and beautifully photographed and illustrated.”

~Julie Davine


“Sacred Pregnancy is a beautiful book that employs all five senses and makes your spirit rise in a 40-week exploration of self. The author goes beyond the basics of what’s happening with your body and your baby and looks at each week through a holistic lens to include mind, spirit, and community. It is rich with resources to help you truly experience your journey through pregnancy as a sacred event. It’s like having a friend who knows just the right thing to say to support you throughout your journey.”

~Holly Keich, owner of Om Baby


“The months of pregnancy and new motherhood fly by, and most of us are left with a sense of ‘What just happened?’ Sacred Pregnancy invites women to reflect, to write, to be completely conscious during this most amazing life experience. Not only will women learn from it, they will be inspired by it. This beautiful book will become a cherished keepsake. Every enlightened mother-to-be should have a copy.”

~Peg Moline, Editor in Chief, Fit Pregnancy magazine


“I am in LOVE with this book. I think every woman should carry it throughout her pregnancy! This book addresses all of the fears, concerns, myths, joys, rites, and relationships that come with pregnancy. Each thoughtful chapter has a dedicated space for journaling on that particular topic, at once creating not just a beautiful book to read, but an amazing keepsake of such a magical time. Filled with poignant stories, facts, suggestions, and inspiration, it takes you on a spiritual journey throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, encouraging you to revel in the awe of the universe, your blossoming body, babies, and the awesome power of birth.”

~Melanie Monroe, Ecobaby planning + concierge


“Finally, the baby book I’ve been waiting for! A refreshing contrast to the typical textbook-style baby books, Sacred Pregnancy takes a turn to focus on the mother’s needs and her journey from conception to birth and what’s important in between—her body, her baby, and her spirit. During such a miraculous time when the body is transforming, hormones are raging, and baby is growing by the minute, it is truly rejuvenating to find a book that concentrates on the balance within the pregnant woman. This is a breath of fresh air for any mother-to-be!”

~Martha Lee, blogger at


“Sacred Pregnancy brings expecting mothers an inspiring gift that will prepare them for the labor experience with confidence and joy by connecting them with inner wisdom, community awareness, and human compassion.”

~Ana Paula Markel, founder of BINI Birth,


“Sacred Pregnancy is an antidote and healing balm bringing us home in every image, every page, every resource to our deeper knowing that the journey bringing life forward is indeed a holy rite of passage deserving of our highest honor and respect. This is no ordinary book but rather a magical daily portal beckoning you with every transition and turn of the page to remember that this entire epilogue initiation of pregnancy, moment by moment, is to be treasured.”

~Alisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement and Women’s Belly and Womb Conferences


“Reading through Sacred Pregnancy allowed me to remember back to each of my pregnancies, the fears, the joys, and discoveries I had made each time. I wish I had something this wonderful to have logged all stages of each of my pregnancies since they were so different. The book’s resources are so helpful, especially when there is so much information to weed through, and the desire to do everything perfectly is so strong for new mothers. I recommend this book to any mother-to-be who wants to know herself more deeply during this time.”

~Tnah Louise, Bella Faccia Foto


“I believe that Sacred Pregnancy will succeed in bringing the spirit energy and the strength of the universal feminine energy back to pregnancy and birth. The glorious photos make visible a woman’s inner and outer beauty during this huge life transition while the soothing affirmations allow her to move into her mothering space with joy and calm. In moving through the pregnancy experience week by week, the book helps a woman move more organically into growing her baby and allows pregnancy to take on less of a frightening urgency so that it slows down into a peaceful, mindful, and fulfilling process that mom and all around her can enjoy far deeper than has become the habit in our society.”

~Ruth Blanding, Joy In Momming blog


“Sacred Pregnancy is an invaluable resource for expecting moms. Anni’s holistic and passionate understanding of all the physical and emotional nuances of pregnancy shines through her writing. Not only has this become an incredible resource for my wife as she experiences pregnancy number three, it’s an amazing tool for me as an ‘expecting father.’ It has helped me understand my wife’s journey so much more deeply and provided detailed ways I can support her (whether it’s making a special tea or helping her create a comforting space). I recommend any expecting couple to read this book together.”

~Christopher Gavigan, founder, The Honest Company


“As a childbirth educator, birth doula, and midwife, I have worked with countless expecting families. I have longed for a book like Anni’s to give them. This book captures everything that a pregnant woman needs to prepare herself for the most beautiful of all her life transitions and honors the trust of birth our culture typically misses.”

~Katie McCall, CPM, author of Tyranny of the Cubicle


"Sacred Pregnancy is so very much more than a book – it is a powerful journey into the depths of Self as woman and as mother. Sometimes this journey is joyous, at other times challenging but always, it is loving, compassionate and transformational. What author Anni Daulter offers here is true wisdom of the collective feminine and deep, delicious nourishment for the soul, all wrapped up in the most visually beautiful package. Creating pages of such beauty is not only visually appealing but encourages the woman to really sink into the depths of what is offered, to truly immerse themselves wholeheartedly in this journey….and to do just that is such a rich investment in oneself, their pregnancy, their birth, their baby and role as mother. This is not a journey into “what to expect when you’re expecting” appealing to the intellectual mind, instead it is much, much more. Yes, the development of your baby and the changes to your body are discussed but the flesh and blood of the journey offered here connects you with your innate birthing and mothering wisdom, empowering you to have the best possible birth and start to motherhood. Week by week of your pregnancy, you are lovingly lead through vital elements of the pregnancy journey – fears, joys, relationships, self-love, nourishment, rites of passage – with the space to also journal and explore your own personal experiences within. Not only does this provide yet another opportunity to deepen your journey, it allows the book itself to become a precious keepsake to be treasured dearly for a lifetime. ‘Sacred Pregnancy’ will not only change the way you view pregnancy and birth, it will change the way you experience it. ~ How I think this work can/will impact the women in my community ~ This work is incredibly powerful and I feel it is of deep value to all women, to reclaim this precious birthright and rite of passage. I feel it will lead to a revolution in pregnancy and birthing, returning women everywhere to a place of empowerment, where they are able to stand strong in their truth and authenticity, and experience the best possible pregnancy and birth. Every woman’s pregnancy and birth journey is beautifully unique and deserves to be treated as such, and I honestly feel this journey not only embraces this but celebrates it."

~Cara Lo Iacono


"Sacred Pregnancy is not just a book… it is an experience. This beautiful experience lets mamas dive deep within their mind, body and soul and creates a safe space for them to explore. Explore thoughts, feelings, emotions, expectations and relationships they may never realized they had or were maybe to fearful to address. Sacred pregnancy holds space for mamas allowing them time to process these very real and at times raw feelings. This inspiring book celebrates pregnancy, birth and each woman’s unique journey. It gently guides and assists mamas to create not just pregnancy practices but life practices that will make them better women, friends, lovers, sisters and mothers. The book lends itself as a beautiful keepsake for mama that she can cherish as she looks back on her journey from a maiden to mother.  The art work and photography is gorgeous and each chapter includes thought provoking journal prompts as well as suggested music and other resources.This book will forever be my own treasure and I can not wait to share it with all my future mamas and Sacred Sisters."

~Laura Conner, Birth Worker


"Imagine that your average pregnancy guide is the literary equivalent of having your midwife or consultant in your pocket. The sacred Pregnancy book and journal is the equivalent of carrying with a circle of women, who are all nurturing you and lifting you up in exaltation. These women are your friends and family , as well as your ancient ancestors, who encourage you to find your own birthing beauty and wisdom within. This is a book to enjoy and savour, one which will guide you on your birth journey, with each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy having a theme of attached to it. But not your average themes such as analgesia in labour, or what to pack in your hospital bag, but themes which encourage you to search deep within yourself as you enter motherhood. Themes such as Birth art, Forgiveness, Empowerment and Sisterhood. The poetic language and the beautiful accompanying images remind us of the sanctity and the emotional rite of passage that can and should be. Whilst the weekly journal prompts, creative activities and music pairings, encourage expectant mamas to make time to honour themselves over the course of their pregnancy. For me, the Sacred Pregnancy book, brings us back to the essence of birth, with the mama and baby at the centre. A wonderful book, not to be missed."

~Victoria Machin


This book is not a book- its a Sacred Gate. When you decide to go through it, your journey will begin. Ive read the book and worked with it during my pregnancy, but still Im on my way, deeper to Sacred ME.  This book is not  a book-its a Sacred Compass. With it you will learn to listen and trust your higher self.We have all the answers we need inside ourselves. Just ask your HEART. This book is not a book-its a Sacred Mirror. When you look at it you will see beyond your masks.You will see the beauty, the power,the LOVE in you. This book is not a book-its a Sacred Birth. Not the birth of your child but the birth of a woman, who trust herself, her POWER. A woman connected to Mother Earth and her higher self. Its a birth of  Sacred YOU. Thank you Anni, the women of this world needs this. We are all connected and my wish is to spread the Sacred Movement with all of you sisters.

~Katja Jessen


The book .. no words could describe the beauty in which this book was written and the amount of dedication put into it. I wish I would have found this book while pregnant. The week by week details on the pregnancy was beautifully written, the pictures breathtaking and all the other pieces just brought this book together in complete wholeness. I loved the way things were explained in a more spiritual way then medical and how every chapter just greeted you with new information and surprises. This is a book I would definitely give as a gift, perhaps every mama in my retreats!!

~Chasity Robinson


{How can one put such a time spent into words?  How can one put into words dramatic change and acceptance of oneself over the course material.  I surely am not the only one here who has accepted Love & Light for myself over the blissful weeks spent reading, writing, dreaming and thinking.  I am at a loss for words.  I have become one with myself, to better serve the mothers after me.  I am so beyond thankful for the life that has been brought back into my soul during the growth of this portion of my days.} This book.. Never too late to pick up a life changing collective.  Although my last child is now 15months, I was exposed to Sacred Pregnancy prior to giving birth, and truly felt a calling and a closeness to the words and forms of art I have been exposed to throughout this course.  At the time, the online courses were not being given, and I am so very thankful that you have opened that aspect up to all sacred sisters within the world. The images and statements suggested throughout this whole book bring instant warmth, and clarity.  They bring education, spirituality, and positive energy… The list goes on.  This is just beautiful.  It is the largest collection of words I fully believe in, and wish to expose to the world wholeheartedly.  The weeks are laid out in a simple form; the week, a glorious picture to be inspired by and an act to become whole by.  That’s it… no TO DO lists… no expert statements on what way is best… this entire book is about the love.  The love for yourself and your growing baby.  That’s all that life requires, and a solid foundation of confidence to go ahead to gain all of that on your own.  The journaling in the back is glorious, I have goosebumps when I read the words of empowerment that what I know to be true is in fact true. I am literally consumed by this book, these pages reflect a light inside of me that I wish to give unto the world.  When you have never experience sacred, you can only want it for the world around you… sure I can go back in time- memoirs wise, and regain my sacred.. but for the most part, growth forward is the only option.  I am smitten with the colours, the thought, and the passion that drives this book.  There are questions laid out in the book, by which I wish I had been asked, had given more thought to, and had been consumed by.  There are phrases in these pages that evoke true womanhood on the very lines that keep them upright.  I live quite often in regret, and I am learning to let go of the things I cannot change.  I cannot change not knowing any better during my previous births.  I cannot change choices I made out of sheer fear.  I can only go forward for myself and my children and allow them to see a whole new mother in the realm of all that is fulfilling, so they too will carry such beauty into their adult lives.  I wish to encompass my only daughter into the words of this book with great magnitude so when she is old enough and her time for mothering arises, she too will become a fountain of grace and beauty.  For my 3 sons… I wish for you to hear the words of your mother and her teachings and grow to become the best men of tomorrow to better your wives and assist them in the spiritual guidance that a man can provide during pregnancy.  I am honoured to hold space for this book upon my library, to look at and re read for a lifetime to come.  I hope to grow the sacred tribe and add colour and power to an already strong force of women.. strength in numbers.  This life is more beautiful for this book.

~Sarah Moloney


I absolutely love “Sacred Pregnancy.” Before taking any of the courses I had never even heard of the book, but now I can’t seem to go a day without mentioning it to someone. The “Sacred Pregnancy” book has to be one of my all time favorite pregnancy books. I think it flows so well and if I were to write a book for pregnant women, it would be in almost the exact same format. I think Anni’s mind works very similar to mine and maybe that is why I love everything about the Sacred Pregnancy movement as well. The book is amazing because it takes you week by week through your pregnancy, which is what I wanted when I was pregnant. I love that it suggests other readings and ideas and I love that it gives a journal topic and space to write. I think it encourages women to take the time to journal and gives them a starting point or idea. I think the Sacred Pregnancy book and movement will be life changing for so many women.

~Bethany Loper


I was drawn to Sacred Pregnancy and the Sacred Pregnancy Movement even more after seeing and receiving a copy of this book. I have both a copy on my Kindle and a hard copy at home. The weekly theme allows the mother to have a focus on a weekly basis for guidance, learning and exploration of her pregnancy. I also value the book, music and even food pairing giving the expectant mom additional resources to seek and learn from them. Sacred Pregnancy is also extremely visually stimulating. As an artist and designer I found that to be a reprieve not just great information but a beautiful guide and journal I want to look at everyday and be inspired about my birth. I found this book to be excellent. I would highly recommend to all expectant mothers and healers doing birth work!

~Kaeya Hill

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