Petra Kaemingk-de Lange
The Netherlands

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Petra is passionate about embodiment, really being alive in the body, living within the sacred space of the body, and expressing mind, heart and soul through and with the body. She works fulltime as a licensed massagetherapist and Zhineng Qigong teacher. Her clients are males and females, mothers and fathers, young children and growing up women. Her love for working with pregnant women started after she experienced a miscarriage and hysterectomy herself. This brought her on the Sacred Path of the Inner Healer, the Inner Teacher, the Inner Master and the Inner Lover. After 4 years of indepth work, of keeping womb weekends for herself, with no phone, no internet, no visits, just her and her womb (talking, singing, dancing, crying, laughing and forgiving) she now is in Peace with her life path. IN fact, she is ever so grateful, because it makes her the woman that she is now. Petra is the healed wounded healer, working from her own sacred womb experience with women. She teaches Moontime classes, creates REd Tent space, and serves as a licensed Bodyworker. In this sacred work Petra is combining balancing touch, healing acupressure, nourishing color work, with movement, nutrition, aromatherapy, herbs, crystals, and shamanic practices. Her passion for the Sacred Cycle of Women has led her to many teachers worldwide, including Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Postpartum, Sacred Belly Binding, Awesome Birth Teacher, and Shamanic Women's Teachers. She is also a Women's Healing Arts Teacher, Red Tent Facilitator and Inner Maiden Facilitator to be. Petra wants to bring back the Sacred into Womanhood, into our Breasts, our Wombs, our Moontime, into Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Sexuality and Menopause. Petra's Big Dream is to bring back her Sisters in Sacred Space. She uses her intuition, the dreamtime, her joy and passion for live, together with her open hearted gentleness to make every woman know how Beautiful she is and how Sacred her Body. 


Petra is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats. She is also a certified Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster