Online Retreat Testimonials

Sacred Pregnancy Online


Trisha Hass: I wanted to let you know what the Sacred Pregnancy online workshop meant to me. I came across the advertisement for the workshop as I was looking for ways to grow my business; it did not cross my mind that this was going to be a personal journey. I mean here I am past my childbearing years with a grown son, so I mean this was just for my client’s right? Yet, I’ve learned that life and the universe often have other plans in spite of your best laid plans… As you know during the workshop I had a heart attack, which really threw me for a loop. Throughout this time I’ve gone through a wide range of emotions from anger, guilt, fear and depression. There were days when I did not know how I was going to make it, yet I had committed to taking this workshop. Again not thinking of my journey but only for what could I bring to other women. Yet from the first MP3 recording and lesson I was taken away! At 43 years old, I was being gently guided back to areas in my life that I thought had gone dormant, I was being lead back to my heart and soul. From the moment I created my sacred space in my home or listened to the music from Nina Lee to spending alone time with myself and my journal I had started to  heal.  With the  lessons on  the  heart  to  heart and body image I felt a physical change within my being. The use of fire to burn my fears, tearing silk, or wearing a crown and taking a bath with herbs, candles and flowers all helped to set my soul free. Watercolors, ribbons, and Mother Wisdom cards all brought creativity to my life and color back into my world. I can’t wait to take the other classes to see where those journeys will take me. Anni, I want you to know you have my heartfelt gratitude! I’m so happy to call you not only a mentor but a friend.

Chasity Schilling Robinson: I'm not sure where to even begin, but I started my journey of becoming a Doula In April of 2014 and some how Sacred Pregnancy found its way to me at a time when my life seemed to be in scrambles. It quickly pulled me in and I was submerged in a way of living that was beautiful, serene and full of light. Waiting to begin my first class online the SP instructor course was like a child waiting for Christmas morning. I could hardly contain my excitement, then there it was finally the day came for class.The wonder of each class had me in a place that was comforting and calm. Anni's voice was so content and full of understanding. She is truly an amazing woman! I looked forward to learning more, seeking something I still have yet to discover but I know its through this incredible and life changing movement. The classes are truly priceless. I have felt so much in such a little time and found myself opening up to people in my class that I didn't know in person but each soul had shined through and we knew each other on another level, a sisterhood of women all with one main thing in common seeking to help other women through a journey of womanhood and motherhood. We shared our happiness and our sadness, we opened ourselves up and shared our secrets and our fears. We all excepted each other and felt the love from other each other from all over the world. There was no judgement only love, joy and reassurance every step of the way. I have yet to finish my journey I have only just begun, ( I plan to attend everything that sacred pregnancy has to offer) but what awaits me I know will only make me stronger woman , mother and sister to all women. Sacred Pregnancy is by far the one of the best decision I have ever made. 


Joana Fartaria: This course is so inspiring and uplifting and going so deep inside of me, showing who I am and what I am here for that i just... Can't say how much it is important for me right now. You think it's about learning a few skills to work and make a business? I tell you right now: it is not. It is just SO MUCH MORE! It is like a detox, a soul trip to your beauty inside, a vibrant opening to the clear, uplifting eye that stares to common world and sees the unseen. It's about becoming this healing mother goddess I have inside. It is about finding the hands that bless holi powder, that mix herbs into powerful drinks,pastes and baths. It is so so so much an uplifting experience that every week when I go to listen to my class and find out about my homework I don't do it cause I "have to", I do it cause I need.. I need that space the sisterhood holds for me, that enthusiasm Anni's voice gives to me, that beauty images show me and that inspiring way of life the activities reveal. For all this I am thankful. In sisterhood, Joana


Lindsay Day: The SP online course was an amazing journey of self-discovery, eye-opening wisdom and breath taking inspiration from Anni. The class is very gentle but pushes you to explore within yourselve. It is packed with wisdom, sacredness and beauty. The support from Anni and her team is unbelievable. They were always there to answer questions or be supportive. I would recommend this course to any woman who wants to teach this beautiful sacred way! 


Bettina Rago: Recently, as I became a birth doula and childbirth educator and through my research in this field, I became aware of a woman who kept coming up on my social media updates. My computer wanted to know if I knew of her and how about if I made friends with her? So this woman kept coming up, and there was something mystical about my draw to her, I loved her profile picture and also the many gorgeous pictures she continued to post. Pictures of beauty, empowerment, realness, womanhood, relationships, children, beautiful bellies, pride, joy. The list goes on. The more I looked into it, the more I wanted to know. I HAD to know and somehow connect with her. So, I listened to my computer and spirit and I became virtual friends with her. Soon after becoming friends with her, I realized she had written a book (now I know she has written a few, but one was of particular interest to me) called Sacred Pregnancy. This book I had to have. I bought it and when I got it I fell in love; the perfect book right on my lap! A book that was filled with information that was real, medical but also so much more. There was emotional material to this book. Through this book, a pregnant woman goes on a journey that is gentle but also requires her to be present in her life as a woman, future mother and partner, all while ensuring she is taking care of herself on every level. Then I realized the book did not stand alone as there were retreats being held, which supported some of what was covered in the book and then some. Brilliant! This woman of whom I write is Annie Daulter, and she is the beautiful founder of this amazing life-changing movement called Sacred Pregnancy. As soon as I could I signed up for two of their online retreats. I had to get more of this work, there was no other way….I needed to know. Having taken this course has changed the way I live my life and how aware I am about the way I chose to life. I have made many changes, which have improved the quality of my life and how I feel in my home. Anni teaches us of ‘The Beauty Way’, and I took those teachings and made some much needed changes in my home. My small children have thanked me by saying the following: “Mommy, thank you for making our house nicer. It feels so much better.” As I engage in the work of this class, which is mostly centered around honoring pregnancy and pregnant women, I often find myself thinking how badly I wish I had known of Anni and of her work a few years back, when I was pregnant, struggling with certain issues with nobody to talk to, or worse yet, thinking other pregnant women were not experiencing any of what I was going through. There was no sisterhood to speak of for me –ANYWHERE. But this is quite alright, because I am getting to do something I am calling REVERSE HEALING by taking this course. As I become certified to teach and share this amazing work with mothers-to-be, by honoring pregnant women through their journey and sharing with them how to honor their bodies and pregnancy, I am getting to heal my own experience. Finally, there is something about Anni that is absolutely precious. The woman practices that of which she speaks. She lives life consciously, and she is open and raw at times in a way that you can admire and from which you can learn. The woman is a gift of love.


Paula Bilder: I loved Sacred Pregnancy Online Retreat so much. Anni's vision is so inspiring to me, the second I found out about the class I signed up and am so grateful that I was able to participate. I am looking forward to the Mother Roaster class and hopefully going to a live retreat next year.  Anni really presents this information in a way that speaks to my soul. Overcome with gratitude for Anni and this Sacred Pregnancy Movement and am excited to be a part of it!

Birth Journey Online


Trisha Hass: I can’t tell you how much your work has meant to me not only intellectually and emotionally but spiritually and physically. On our last talk I reached out to you and told you about my heart attack and the depression that was hitting me very hard.  Your calm and even words kept me grounded, your generosity gave me a reason to work on getting well and the online Birth Journey class gave me the chance to work on my future. I started the Birth Journey class just with the idea of keeping myself busy and to learn what can I offer my pregnant families.   I’m not only single but I’m past my child bearing years with my only son now a young man.  I did not think the readings, meditations and “homework” would be so healing to my heart and soul.   However once again I was proven wrong from the first page I was taken in by the beauty of this teaching. From the first words of “good morning and welcome” on the MP3, I was lost to a warm voice guiding me along this path. During this journey I was able to remake my sacred space which was very calming with everything I have going on in my life.  I was able to make a beautiful wooden mala which has become a wonderful tool for me in my mediations.  I even wore it to a heart scan and was able to focus on it during the test instead of the fact I was scared.  One night I wrote my fears out and then watched them burn up releasing them to the Universe while I got a huge heart hug from my son.  He then told me his fears regarding my health so he wrote his fears out and we burned them as well.  This was so touching to both of us! Anni, I’d like to again express my gratitude for the work you are doing but for more importantly for your heart, passion and vision as well as for your generosity.  You told me to “pay it forward” and I can think of nothing more important to do.  Thank you again!

Laura Conner: I have already had the pleasure to take Anni's Sacred Pregnancy class and was absolutely excited to add the Birth Journey class to my offerings! As a birth worker it just made so much sense to keep sharing all this Sacred goodness..but now with dad! The intimate conversations, the deep look the couples take within themselves and the sweet moments this class allows is AMAZING! It holds space for couples to really enjoy their pregnancies, talk about their fears and truly connect with each other. It is a true celebration of their love. Watching this class unfold each week was incredible, knowing each project and circle talk was purposefully and lovingly chosen to honor the couples in every way as they step into this new role as parents. One of the best parts of all of Anni's classes (I have also taken Sacred Postpartum...a MUST) is the self exploration. It has opened my eyes to so many new magical things and practices that have literally healed my heart and soul. I am forever touched by this work. It has help me overcome my own fears + doubts and replace them with a stronger inner knowing + confidence. I am a better mother, partner and birth worker for this and will forever be grateful.