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Online Retreats


Many people have said to me over the past year that they desperately want to bring Sacred Pregnancy to their communities, but can not yet afford to travel or come to a LIVE retreat. While I was adamant at first that we would only keep all retreats live, as I so deeply value the sisterhood connection, I realized that so many folks are missing out on being able to bring this to the women who so desperately want and need it because of barriers out of their control. The course is go-at-your-own pace! So while its great to follow along at the pace of the class, you can take your time, as its all pre-recorded. We ask that you join the PRIVATE FB group and any other forum groups we invite you to in order to build the sisterhood connection that is so key in Sacred Pregnancy. Further, you are asked to post pictures of all of your work, either in the FB group, or by way of emailing them to me and the class mentor, or both!


Completion of the online ecourse will allow you to run a mini version of what we do in the 8 week Sacred Pregnancy Journey course. In addition, you will learn how to do the Sacred Belly Bind, Sealing Ceremonies, and Belly Firming Paste which are all traditionally a part of the 4 week Birth Journey courses and our Art of Sacred Postpartum Training.


We now offer both Sacred Pregnancy and Birth Journey as online retreats. We also offer mini webinars. After completing the online Sacred Pregnancy course you'll be certified to run 2.5 day mini retreats for pregnant women in your community. After finishing the online Birth Journey course you'll be certified to teach the Birth Journey Classes to your local pregnant couples. To register for an online retreat please visit our buy page.

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