Mire Molnar
Garden Grove

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The lineage of supporting women is deep within my DNA. As I child I grew up alongside natural childbirth as my "earth mama" mother* caught babies for a living. I became a certified doula as a teenager and by my 20's I was assisting my friends' labors and photographing their babies being born. During the birth of my own daughter, I was blown away by the power of my body and the shamanic initiation of the birthing process. I recall feeling profoundly upset that women around the world commonly do not have the support that I did during this vulnerable and powerful time of their lives. This brought to mind that the earth is very similar to a woman in the way that it can be both vulnerable and exceptionally powerful at the same time. However our culture, and many other patriarchal cultures around the world, do not recognize power unless it is the power-over model. I had a very clear calling while in the throws of my waves to work towards upgrading the consciousness and conversation around the mother journey. The sacred feminine called on me to step onto my life's path in a more present way and fully embrace my lineage and the distinct world-view I come from.

With the connection between mother and the mother earth being so spiritually profound for me, the Sacred Pregnancy course is a harmonious fit for me to facilitate. Sacred Pregnancy offers women a chance to breath deeply into the natural rhythms of their bodies and connect soulfully with their sisters --even within a technological, male-model dominated world. I firmly believe that we are alive during a very exciting time of awakening and that supporting women to connect with their spirituality and power is a vital piece of the paradigm shift.

My certificates and diplomas also include:
Spiritual Coaching Certification with the Self Awareness Institute
Certified Doula Certification from Sage Femme
Bachelors of Science in Sociology
Master of Fine Arts in Media Design

*My mother, Chantal Molnar, is now best known for her production of her breastfeeding documentary, The Milky Way.


Mire is certified to teach the 2-day mini Sacred Pregnancy reterats.