Mindy Arbuckle

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Mindy Arbuckle is the founder of Maitri Yoga Center in Westminster, CO. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Sharing the Sacred Pregnancy course work has been a natural extension of her teaching straight from her heart. She loves working with pregnant women to empower them through their pregnancy, release the fears that arise and to offer a safe place for their minds, bodies, and emotions to be present with their pregnancy journey. Being pregnant with her two daughters was a beautiful time in her life and she wants to help others experience their belly bliss too.

Working with pregnant women through yoga and sharing her mothering experience allows her to connect with the mamas. She encourages the mothers to ask questions, even if they seem silly and will openly share her wisdom to help them through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

She discovered with her second pregnancy particularly that the postpartum healing experience is not well known. There is a lot of focus on the pregnant mamas that shifts off of them once the baby has arrived. Birth is a huge event and should be honored as such. Therefore, Mindy takes postpartum care just as sincerely as prenatal care.

The Sacred Pregnancy classes and framework offer a heart-warming opportunity to build a tribe of other amazing women who will be there to support you. It is a blessing most of us didn’t realize we were missing out on. Join Mindy for fun, open heartedness, love, joy, release, healing and so very much more.


Mindy is certified to teach the 8-week Sacred Pregnancy classes & the 2-day Mini Retreats. She is also certified in the Art of Sacred Postpartum.