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Sacred Pregnancy Membership Club

One year of membership is mandatory for everyone certified through Sacred Pregnancy. If you are taking other courses in the Sacred Living family, there may or may not be membership depending on the course, so always check with the person leading it if you aren’t sure. If they do require membership, this will be unique for that course and therefore you will need to purchase membership separately.


What does membership include?

Being a member entitles you to many benefits! Upon becoming a member, you will have access to your course’s ready-to-print marketing materials, photo library, and backgrounds all worth hundreds of dollars, as well as some extras throughout the year! Your bio and photo will also be included in the Sacred Pregnancy website to help get your name out there, and you will be able to promote your classes through your own Facebook page and the Classes or Mini Retreats section of the official Sacred Pregnancy website. If there are other SP instructors in your area, please contact them to work together and share a Facebook page! Connecting with your Sisterhood is one of the best parts of Sacred Pregnancy! Membership lasts one year from the time of purchase, and then will need to be renewed. Membership is optional after one year.


What happens once I purchase my membership?

Alyssa Wild Wood is in charge of setting up each unique membership access. Since many people often purchase their membership at the same time, it may take a few days to set up for you. Please be patient! She will send you your access code as well as your unique password. Please keep these in a safe place as the passwords cannot be reset. If for some reason you misplace your password or access code, please contact Alyssa to recover it for you.

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