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Magazine Franchise


Thank you for your interest in Sacred Pregnancy! Please see below for details on how to own a part of the Sacred Pregnancy Movement! **Here is what you get**


1. The SP Mag for your whole state (the buy in is for 8 issues at a time)


2. Owning the local version will allow you to gather local ads to recoup your costs and sell more mags in your own community.


3. You get your own website through the Sacred Pregnancy website. So if you have Texas for example you will have a page on the site called Sacred Pregnancy : TEXAS and you will be allowed to sell local ads there and give updates about the happenings in your community to build your local audience, but with the added benefit of our national platform. You will be able to grow your newsletter / blog and gather more readers and local ads...


4. You will also get your own password for your online version to sell with your local ads.


5. You get to add in up to 3 local articles in each issues to highlight what local folks are doing in your state to change the pregnancy + birth conversation to that of sacred and beautiful!


6. After the first 8 issues you get "right of first refusal" on the next 4.


Options + Expectations:


1. You can even start with back issues if you are so inclined and like them so much that you want to get your community hooked on them or you can start with the summer issue which we are creating right now.


2. You will be in charge of promoting it within your whole state + will be the sole owner in that state, until the 8 issue contract ends, at which time if we both agree its going well, you will obtain right of first refusal and be offered another 4 issue buy in. The price of the next 4 issues may increase with the value of the company increasing.


Email us for current pricing! 

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