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Live Retreat Testimonials

Bettina Rago ~ Sometime in the last month of 2014 I said yes to attending a Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Las Vegas set to take place the weekend of Valentine’s Day.  I did not know where the money would come from, where within me I would find the valor to leave my children for four days or how I would muster up the courage to fly to this retreat, but I KNEW I had to go – I owed it to myself, to my children, my family, the world. A week before I was to fly out to Vegas, I contacted Anni Daulter (founder of Sacred Living) to let her know that something had come up and I just could not make it.  Anni reacted in a very loving way and told me she was sorry I was not able to make it.  After having read Anni’s reaction I felt I could not stay behind.  I realized that I was making excuses, I was nervous and I was trying to find ANY excuse not to go.  Because of Anni’s gentle reaction, I was reminded myself of all the reasons I loved Sacred Pregnancy and the people behind it, so I decided to give this a SACRED YES and go. As I sit here to put into words what I experienced during the retreat I struggle, like the way one would have a hard time making words to describe love, or a sunset – some things you have to experience to understand.  So the end result is that I simply went on this amazing life-changing retreat.  What I found when I got there was a reflection of myself in almost 40 other women.  We cried, we laughed, we danced, we doubted & then we released and trusted, we sang, we became empowered, we learned the beauty way of living that you discover while on a Sacred Living retreat.  The four

days we were there were MA-GI-CAL.  In life we have two choices – to do the best we can do (highest vibration) or anything below that (low vibration).  During my time in the desert with these women, I learned that it is absolutely okay to live at your highest vibration as much as possible, and that you are doing it not just for yourself, but also for the rest of humanity.  So now to find the words to describe this and put down in black in white something so colorful, and full of life.  Maybe I could say how I found that my fears were getting in my own way and were only imagined by me. How about if I were to describe how each and every hug another woman gave me and I gave back made me stronger, or could I possibly describe the way I felt when I did my heart to heart with my soul sister andI looked into her soul? Would you believe that while we held our gaze in each other’s eyes I actually saw pictures of her as a little girl running around, smiling? Could I possibly find the words to describe this get together with all these very different women who actually taught me how simply similar we all are?  Would my telling you that it changed my life forever describe it in a way that allows you to catch a glimpse of what it was like?  The best way to describe it to all who read this is as follows – this retreat helped me unveil and trust in the VERY BEST ME! I now move forward with a strong, loving step into the rest of my life.  This is just my first one, there will be MANY more.  Until the next time!

Taylor Ann Taylor ~ My life has been forever changed. I didn't know what to expect, I was nervous, and not really sure what I was headed to when I left for the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat. Those fears seem so silly to me now, because what Sacred Pregnancy did for my life is completely unmeasurable. I had held on to so much guilt for four years because of what happened to me, and in just three BEAUTIFUL days, I was able to really start to heal myself. Those women, they were incredible. They were the nicest, most loving, most accepting, most genuine women I have ever met in my life. I found out who I am, and who I want to be in one weekend. It amazes me to look back on the transformation that was made in a few short days, but I truly found myself in the desert. I have a lot of work to do now that I am home to continue with all that I learned at the retreat, but I mean it when I say that Sacred Pregnancy has changed my life forever. I don't know what it was about it, all I can explain it as is total MAGIC! Anni systematically opened us up, exposed us, tore down all the bad that was going on in our lives, and then rebuilt us, stronger than we ever were before. She, and all the women at the retreat helped build one another again, and filled one another up so much, I don't really know how to explain it. The love and beauty that was at this retreat made me a happier person, and a person that is now in tune with her energy and the energy that is in her home, in her family, and being put out into the Universe. These women are my sisters now. I have found where I fit in, where I belong.... My tribe.

I am so grateful to Anni for inviting me along to this retreat, and for Sue pushing me to go. I didn't know what was so special about it, but now I see. What the Sacred Living Movement is doing will absolutely change the world! I am a believer, and I thank God for allowing me the perfect outlet to heal. My husband and I will be a part of this for the rest of our lives. We hope to bring this into our marriage, into our children's lives and into future pregnancies and births. I hope to bring this into women's lives that I meet along the way and eventually into my career. I honestly don't even know what else to say. The Sacred Living Movement is amazing, and Sacred pregnancy was one of the greatest weekends of my life. With gratitude and so much love.

Amber Boswell ~ In May 2008 I attended my first ever spiritual retreat, it was a Goddess Retreat in the Heart of Southern Orange County. It came at a time I needed a breakthrough as I had already had the breakdown and was in the fast lane to complete self destruction. That Mother’s Day weekend I had what many would refer to as an “awakening," for the first time since I was a child I could see past myself. Up until that point I had  been externally driven believing the very definition of who I am was tied up in how I looked and the amount of “stuff” I possessed. Upon the mind blowing discovery that we aren’t simply human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience with a  divine purpose that extends beyond ourselves, my whole life changed. I foolishly thought the Heavens would part and some sort of mystical map would be hand delivered showing me where to go, HA! The Universal Joke was on me…the Journey into Transformation has been long, the path at times treacherous, but also beautiful in the continued synchronicities that lead me closer to finding the purpose I seek.


During my last pregnancy I felt isolated and alone; I was living in a small rural town that might as well have been a different country

hell how I felt at the time, a different planet.  If I spoke of my spiritual beliefs I would be looked at as if I had two heads, my friends back home would tease me that they may burn me at the stake. I learned very quickly it was easier to not share my truth, I basically withdrew from the community and in many ways life. However, as the energy of the new life growing inside of me continued to make her presence known I longed for spiritual connection, for human connection.  I went online in search of a Pregnancy Retreat; there seemed to be a retreat for everything, Goddess Retreats, Meditation Retreats, Yoga Retreats, Silent Retreats, Detox Retreats, Couple Retreats, but there didn’t seem to be anything for Pregnancy. This struck me as odd considering creating, growing, and giving life is one of the most profound and spiritual journey’s a woman takes. Then one day while perusing Facebook I saw an ad for the book Sacred Pregnancy, I went to their website and found that Anni Daulter had figured it out;  she had seen the need for something to honor and nourish women on their journey into motherhood. I bought the book and wanted to take one of their first retreats, what is now a global movement was in its infancy stage. I was put on bed rest due to being high risk and had to abandon any dreams of attending a retreat of any sort, but decided to put a deposit down for one of their relationship retreats almost a year out, as fate would have it  life got busy and the retreat was again placed on hold. When I found out I was pregnant with this surprise fourth and final baby we had been in LA for a year which is still an adjustment, but much more in alignment with who I am, yet I still feel alone. I had now been following the Sacred Living Movement via FB for over 2 years, they had recently been in Bali, they had retreats all over the world which would be lovely, but time and finances prohibited attending those, so I would keep my eye out for anything happening in Cali…sure enough at about 4 months into my  pregnancy I see **Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Las Vegas** come across my screen; I knew I HAD to be there, I emailed Anni on impulse and said “I’m in!” I did not really take into consideration I would be 7.5 months pregnant, am once again high risk, my pregnancy would turn into the hardest one out of 4 I have ever had and the kicker: we would be sleeping in Tipi’s. Now, sleeping in the middle of the desert in a Tipi appeals to my gypsy soul on many levels, but my big pregnant body and small bladder that is currently being used as a squeeze toy by the  little boy occupying my Uterus were not so thrilled. Not to mention the debilitating headaches often accompanied by dizziness that have plagued me since conception and kept me off the roads; it was a 4.5 hour drive from LA. The week leading up to the retreat my mind, body, and soul were at war as my mind tried to convince my body she couldn't do it, but in the end my soul won.


I abandoned all fear, packed up my car, kissed my husband and kids goodbye, turned up and rocked out to whatever music was playing and made my way to the Desert. When I turned on the road that would take me to the place my life would be forever changed, the sun was making it’s way to the other side of the world, the sky a pink haze, the backdrop of this once Native American inhabited land couldn't have been more beautiful. I had no idea what I was driving to as this was actually an Instructors training for women who desire to help other women during the Sacred time of Pregnancy, I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a Holistic Health Coach, I  did not have any intentions of becoming a birth worker, I am pregnant and just called to be there. The road leading into where we were staying was a long winded dirt one bordered by huge cliff like dirt rock formations, it literally felt like I was driving into a whole new world and in many ways I was. I did not know one soul when I arrived, but was greeted with instant love, one by one more women arrived, all different ages, shapes, sizes, all incredibly beautiful and radiating light. The bond was instant, we all shared our different stories of what led us there and the things we had to overcome to be there. I was not the only one who had to push through fears; what I have learned after all these years is if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you, specifically if you have a retreat or major event you are contemplating, if you're resisting it is because you are meant to go!!! As the sun set my soul felt a sense of peace it had not known for years, I was in the right place. Night fell and the sky lit up with stars that sparkled like diamonds above our head, a far cry from the skies of LA, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the night and the women I was meeting. Most of them adorned with beautiful crystal jewelry smelling of sweet essential oils, where in my world I kept my goddess hidden, these women embraced and embodied theirs. 


I could write a mini Novel on what transpired over the next four days, the transformations I was privileged to bear witness to, the magic that was created and continues to manifest, the tribe that was created and continues to strengthen. It was truly a life altering experience, I can confidently say I am not the same woman or mother I was walking into that retreat as I am that walked out. Almost 7 years after I started on my quest of self discovery and purpose I was blessed with the most clarity I have ever had. The person I was all those years ago is not someone to be ashamed of, she taught me many lessons, served me in many ways and continues to do so as I continue to evolve. The person I am today is also not someone to be ashamed of; people don't have to “get” me, maybe I walk to the beat of my own drum and that’s ok, you see over those 4 days there was not an ounce of judgment or cattiness, to get nearly 40 women together who all embrace and love one another unconditionally is virtually unheard of in my realm. By creating such a Sacred Space where vulnerability is mandatory and supported, authenticity is the natural state of being and growth becomes inevitable. 


On the last day when all the women got together to honor one another it was an experience unlike any other I have ever had. The woman who does all of the music for the movement  whose voice is seriously heaven sent, played her guitar and sang under the tent that had been beautifully and magically constructed in the desert to house our sacred altar and contain our sister circle. I was one of the first women to be blessed by the hands of my sisters, Nina Lee’s sweet songs echoed through tent as I was hand fed strawberries, massaged with sacred oils, and simply treated like a queen.  Tears of gratitude flowed from my eyes as I absorbed all the sweet energy of my sisters swirling around in that sacred space. We were then led to another tent where more of our goddess sisters lie in wait to adorn our bodies with paint, glitter,jewelry and other fantastically fun things where we would then go with the talented Photographer Kiera to unleash our “Wild Woman” in a photo-shoot where all inhibitions were cast aside. After our moment we would re-enter the tent in service to our sisters, honoring and celebrating their divine beauty, this simple task so incredibly humbling and gratifying is something I cannot wait to share in my community. 


The closing ritual was profoundly powerful, we had all brought something to add to the community salt bowl blending our intentions together. One of the sisters brought beet root and orange peels which turned the bowl the same brilliant pink as the sky the night I arrived. Various oils and rose petals, crystals, and other personal items were poured in along with each sisters individual magic. As someone who frequently sets intentions, but again in private and alone I am so excited to see what unfolds amongst our sisterhood as the days, weeks, months, and year comes to pass…I suspect there will be a few baby bumps at the next retreat I attend and many stories of miracles and manifestation. As for me, the real “work” has happened since I got home. I knew something had shifted in me the day I left, but I did not know what, in fact I still don't have acute clarity, but I do know that I am more than passionate about Holistic Health, it is apart of my divine purpose, also as much as motherhood has been and remains one of my biggest challenges, four kids later I see it is also very much apart of my divine purpose and now without a shadow of a doubt going through everything I have with health, infertility, and now pregnancy I see apart of my purpose is also within the Sacred Living Movement. 


Being a teen mom who walked that path alone, and now being a mom of a teen, tween, toddler and soon to be newborn who was walking that path alone I realize sisterhood is the missing link in motherhood. The saying “it takes a tribe” couldn't be more true and through Sacred Pregnancy I have finally found my tribe!!!!!

Angie Kusek-Schubert ~ How do I even begin? What I know for sure is that my life is forever changed. Anni and Sacred Pregnancy kept popping up in my life. I would see these beautiful photos and I had to know what they were about. Soon after I started taking online classes, only dreaming of someday doing a live retreat. When the Vegas retreat came about I went for it. I didn't have the money, I had a huge fear of flying, and anxiety about pretty much everything but something made me say yes! I have never felt such support in my life. I came with baggage, I had recently experienced a miscarriage and hadn't fully let myself feel that loss. I'm the funny girl, I don't have time to be sad. This retreat gave me the space to feel raw, to mourn that loss and to heal. Miles outside of my comfort zone and I've never felt better! I made instant friends, sisters.... In this space everyone is heard, everyone is loved and everyone is honored. I vow to live the beauty way of life, to spread the joy and to attend as many retreats as possible!

Jessica Lauren ~ How many women feel like they do not get to JUST BE? How many women feel like they are not ENOUGH… not beautiful enough, smart enough, engaging enough, giving enough, sexy enough, ENOUGH of a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend or WOMAN enough??? We stand alone, we cry alone, we fear and worry in our solitude and we hide our truest selves from even ourselves because let’s face it - Women are just not in a habit of trusting one another & building each other up!! We were raised in a spirit of competition, constantly wanting what other women have & fearing that what we have will be taken from us; believing that we don’t deserve to be cared for and loved just as we are… All I can say is, FUCK THAT.


I have been privileged with the opportunity to be a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor & through several Sacred Living Retreats, I have re-learned what is TRUE in this world about women, mothers, wives, sisters & relationships and I am HONORED to share this work with women in my community.


In Chicago (2013), my eyes were opened to a new path that I was free to carve out for myself just as I wished. I recognized beauty and strength within myself that I had spent so many years fighting against. I found my heart’s passion in this work with pregnant women and began a journey of learning and slowing giving back out to the world that I had taken in... everything in LOVE & BEAUTY.


In Bali (2014), I was in my first trimester and joining an intimate group of women for my Level 2 training. I had taken myself through several highs and lows in 2014 and I was slowly starting my journey back upward when I found myself surrounded by the beauty of Bali. I was in a place of internal struggle with loving who I am and finding forgiveness from a place of pain. I was challenged physically & spiritually to see the part of myself that I was not allowing to shine through. It was weeks after Bali that I finally began to let the retreat penetrate my heart and I was able to speak truth to myself. I deserve forgiveness and love. It is OK to be confident and BOLD and stand out!! I have something beautiful to share with the world and the journey of my past does not decide for me who I AM RIGHT NOW. I AM a woman of SOURCE!!


LAS VEGAS, you gorgeous BAD ASS warriors of LOVE!! You amazing desert GODDESSES!!! Last weekend in Las Vegas, entering my third trimester, my world was ROCKED once more by the Sacred Pregnancy Movement. 2015 would usher in a year of grounding and centeredness. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted what we found in the desert amongst nothing but the rocks and the stars! I went to this retreat because I was ready to let myself be honored in my pregnancy. I was looking for a missing piece of my journey that I was lucky enough to find in this space. In Indianapolis, I am a mother, partner, sister, daughter, soul sister, and a business owner. My life is nothing short of crazy busy, even when it is often crazy fun. Very little has slowed down in my world since pregnancy, but for my body & my physical energy. I hold space for women and I care for women and I give fully of myself to the women I work with at Sacred Indy and I do the same for my family & friends. Before the retreat, I had found myself in a place of fear that the support that I need in my pregnancy and postpartum journeys would not be there for me. I am blessed with clients that see me and love me and want to care for me but I had not quite done the work to build for myself a community of women in Indianapolis to be the sisterhood that I crave. As my physical body had begun to slow down with pregnancy, I had not allowed my heart and my mind to to slow down with it. Las Vegas changed me & Sacred Pregnancy grew my understanding once more. From Day 1, I allowed women to care for me. I asked for help and spoke exactly what I needed. I didn’t ask too much of my body and in every opportunity to stop and meditate or just witness the beauty happening ALL AROUND ME, I soaked it in. I found peace and calm and I found a group of women that wanted to hear my story and be a part of my journey. I witnessed women in their most RAW step into their POWER and I was inspired by every single woman at that retreat to see myself as they saw me. I look at women in my life and women in these retreats and I often get to see the beauty and strength that they are still learning to see in themselves and I get to encourage them in their journey. I don’t often stop long enough to do this for myself. I was honored in Las Vegas by all of these women and transformed into a woman who knows her own inner and outer beauty. During this time in the desert, I let myself just beautifully BE. I let go of my fear of not being supported. I AM supported. I am a part of this gorgeous international tribe of women that are fearless in their willingness to LOVE FULLY. In the desert, I soaked in the sun & I was filled with gratitude in the knowing that I am an ancestor of the women who have birthed before me. I am supported by their energy and by the sacred beautiful Mother Earth.


I will find my place in my community at home or I will carve out a place for myself among women that I know I can trust and in whom I can find support and love. I will allow my partner to love and support me without letting my fears get in the way of feeling his love. I will ask for exactly what I need. I deserve this. I AM sacred. I am a GODDESS of LIGHT & LOVE.


I AM ready to move into my birth journey FEARLESS and SUPPORTED. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Anni Daulter and thank you to every magical woman that SHOWED UP in our circle. We are the women that will BE THE CHANGE. Sacred Pregnancy is just one powerful program offered by the Sacred Living Movement. I have experienced and witnessed several other programs wield the same kind of magic. We CAN infuse our lives with SACRED & if you have yet to dive into one of these programs, I strongly encourage you to get NAKED and JUMP IN.

Valerie Wiesner ~ The Sacred Pregnancy Live Retreat was far above anything I had imagined. To build the space of beauty in everything that was in a place void of those natural elements was outstanding: from our sleeping arrangements, food, art, music and gatherings; but the sisterhood of all who attended cannot be expressed in words. To bring nearly 40 women together who were open, raw, vulnerable and trusting was a life changing experience. Anni and her helpers put together such beauty, wisdom and space for growth in so many areas it will be cherished memories forever. The flow from day to day was healing and energizing. The spiritual vibe was one anyone can relate to and the women who came represented ladies from all walks of life. There was only uplifting acceptance, challenge and growth. I have made lifelong friends with women all over the globe. I went to the retreat with an empty cup, as with most women we give and need refilled. I came home overflowing with love and hope for all good things life has to offer. Thank you Anni for this gift to the world. With peace and love.

Fawn Marie Evans ~ Sacred Pregnancy changed my life over a year ago. When I was pregnant with my youngest I took the online course and then many other online course. Finally I was able to start attending live retreats. So of course first on my list was Sacred Pregnancy Las Vegas with all the amazing Sacred Living Leaders attending. Who wouldn't want to attend that one right? I arrived thinking I knew what to expect since I had taken the course online. Oh my was I wrong. Taking the course live brought out things in me I wasn't even aware of. It gave me the space to really open up and also to remember to take care of me first. I always have so much I'm trying to do for everyone else. None of that does any good unless I tend to me needs first. Which I was able to do at the Sacred Pregnancy Vegas Retreat. It helped me to release so much baggage from my past that I had been holding on to. Then reminded me of the things I still need to work on. The most amazing part of it all is the Sisterhood. So many woman all opening up and sharing things with each other and then us just being there for each other. Those bonds we all made will last a lifetime. Of course Anni's Beauty Way was displayed perfectly everywhere. This is KEY. She set the most beautiful and safest environment for all of us to be able to do the work we needed to on this retreat. Anni is such an inspiration and mentor of it all. Can not think of any better person than this Super Woman to be learning from. Having the leaders from the Sacred Living Movement was such a blessing.  First  off  just  meeting  them  and

they all have such kind hearts. Then learning pieces of their programs that we can incorporate into our classes and our lives was a wonderful gift. Thank you Anni for making all this possible and sharing your dream with all of us. So thankful to call you a friend and a sister. I love you so much more than words can say. Thank you to all the leaders who came and did the work right along side us and for all that you taught us.

Jessie Bernstein ~ My world has been shifted into incredible light over the past 12 months since the very first online Sacred Pregnancy course. When I started the online program I slowly began to find a local tribe that was curious about Sacred Pregnancy. The path of The Beauty Way was very slowly beginning to unfold. I knew a year ago, I needed to experience this journey in person. When the timing was right and the Vegas retreat was announced, I knew this was a grab it or don't complain moment of truth.

I felt almost like I was going "home" to Vegas as a number of the sisters attending had been in online courses that I've taken and you get to know each other. We totally all hit it off like long time girlfriends and sisters. Little did I know, this retreat was more than just about serving pregnant women back home in Baltimore, it was about serving myself to be able to help the women back home. I was longing for an opportunity to be carefree, unleash my mind and body, allow myself to receive the sacred goodness from this tribe. I felt like I was beginning a new ritual, conjuring up something so magical that was beyond ready to be shared. I almost felt like I was in the book, "The Red Tent". We learned under a gorgeous tent, explored what mother nature had gifted us, empowered and supported each other, NO judgement ever, this was truly a dream. I know the lessons we learned will be of such value and goodness for the mamas I'm going to bring to the circle.


I loved how I let loose, and felt the music in my heart and soul. I loved how the starts in the sky led us to where we needed to be with intentions, empowerment, and self worth. I loved how we nourished ourselves with releasing our fears, and coming to terms with self worth and "going with the flow" and we can't always control everything, but what we put into the universe comes back. She is mighty, and powerful. These are all incredible lessons mama to be's need to know and I am honored to be able to bring that back to Charm City. I don't view myself as crafty or artistic, but wow did it feel good to just have fun with it, and strut our stuff with whatever task we were given. Anni, the visionary, has created something so dreamy and has put this together to give us the guidance we need along with the rest of the Sacred Living Movement leadership team to fully be present and supportive of the mamas we help with the right tools and tricks.

I found myself again, it was hard, harder than I expected from doing the online courses. It was a lesson I NEEDED to figure out, and push through. I know that no matter what journey I'm on, this Sacred Living Movement is along for the ride. Now, to figure out which program I'm going to attend for the next retreat. Let the juiciness continue and to follow the sacred bliss.

Faredae Lynn ~ If you are wondering if a live retreat is for you, say yes and let the universe guide you there. I did not think I could afford it but I said yes and it fell in place in a way I could never imagine. I messaged Anni a few weeks before the retreat and told her I was stressing about coming up with the $2000 I was going to need, (I THOUGHT all my costs were going to be about that amount but I was exaggerating it a lot). Then in conversation I told my husband I needed help getting to the retreat. He said he would pay for it. Then he offered to pay for my sister to come with me and gave extra money for my other sister to spend a couple days with us before the retreat. He then walked up to me and handed me a check for $2000. The exact amount I told Anni I needed to come up with in order to be able to go. Say to the universe and the universe will say yes to you!


I went to the SP retreat with the intention of becoming an instructor. I knew I would get more out of it than that, I have done many of the online courses. However, I never dreamed of what I really was going to get from this retreat. I walked into this a woman with many hurts and fears, mostly to do with motherhood but also lack of self love.

I have been trying to get pregnant for many years and have had many health struggles that I blamed for my not getting pregnant. As my health has improved and still no pregnancy I have gotten angry and feared I may never become a mother.

I have never felt comfortable without at least mascara on and my hair had to be styled. I made a vow that I would not wear makeup or worry about my hair while at the retreat. This was a big challenge for me. I literally felt ugly without makeup on. But I was determined to be raw in all aspects of this retreat.

From the very first moments of gathering in circle I felt at ease and knew big things were coming my way. Each piece of the retreat had a place within me. Everything we did opened me more and more. I was finally seeing what was really keeping me from becoming a mother. It was my beliefs. That I was not good enough, that I did not deserve it, that it was not part of my path. In the end I realized the most important thing, I AM A MOTHER. I am finally letting go of trying to control the outcome of this. I have let go of all my fears of not being good enough.

And I am beautiful. Let me say that again...I AM BEAUTIFUL. I have not put makeup on still. I am in the raw and loving myself more than I could ever imagine. When I look in the mirror I look back with a smile and no judgement. For the first time in my life. I have always been considered beautiful but I always thought it was because of being "done up". Now I am still being told I am beautiful without makeup on.

My relationship is stronger than it has ever been. And I am trusting that if/when our babies are ready to come earthside they will. Until then we will continue to connect with each other and enjoy our life exactly as it is. If for some reason it is not in our stars to become parents in this lifetime, I am at peace with that as well. Maybe Spirit has bigger plans for us and all this love we have to give.

A week after I said my "see ya later" to all my sisters, I sit here a changed woman. A woman sure of her self, her purpose and her love for others and herself. Becoming an instructor was a side effect. It wasn't the reason I ended up there. It is just a bonus that I can now share this wisdom with other women in my community.

Penny Michelle Fantigrossi ~ When I first came to Sacred Pregnancy I had no idea what my truth was. I had a lot of ideas about what truth was for other people- I knew what I was taught but I hadn’t learned my own truth. There is a huge difference between realizing your truth and just following truth you’ve been taught. So, I did the online course and opened to really discovering who I am and what I think. About a year after my online retreat I decided to go to a live retreat. I left my kids and husband at home for the first time in 6 years and drove off into the sunset, literally. I had no idea what we would be doing in the desert. I did not know any of the women in person although I knew some of them vaguely from my previous online work. When I arrived it was dark. What happens at Sacred Pregnancy is beyond words. It would be like attempting to describe the boundless excellence of the celestial sphere that you can view from Death Valley. There, in the darkness under the stars things began to unfold. I went to the retreat to learn something new to bring to pregnant women as a student midwife and as an ally to families.  I

knew some of them vaguely from my previous online work. When I arrived it was dark. What happens at Sacred Pregnancy is beyond words. It would be like attempting to describe the boundless excellence of the celestial sphere that you can view from Death Valley. There, in the darkness under the stars things began to unfold. I went to the retreat to learn something new to bring to pregnant women as a student midwife and as an ally to families. I got so much more than I bargained for! What I found was something profound to be shared with all people. I watched each person transform. What was changing us? I think it was everything. Being in nature and giving ourselves time to look at the sky. Maybe it was the fact that we created beauty out of very little. Sacred Pregnancy may be the only place where you go into a desert with water color and leave with beautiful rocks or you see a stone and give it to somebody and they are truly thankful. You learn what it means to have the thought really be what matters. Change came, in truth, because we were showing up for ourselves and one another, finding that we could be our true selves without judgment and feeling safe knowing nobody would be talking about us in a negative way when we weren’t there. We affirmed one another. We practiced living in-joy. We recognized ourselves as precious artwork by seeing masterpieces around us- seeing love, kindness, hope, courage and artistry in one another. We realized we are both the artists and the art. We are painting a picture of beauty together, if we choose to. It was really a practice in love and that practice brought us to a place to remember our higher selves. I don’t think there is a person who could experience something like this and not be changed forever. The last day of the retreat we left, the sun shining bright in the morning sky. The countenance of each person radiant with appreciation, respect and fondness for our new tribe shone brightly as we departed excited to share this with the world. You may be wondering if this continued after we got back to our normal lives. If you are asking that question, the answer is YES. Once you’ve seen the light you can’t ever forget the light and once you’ve experienced this there will be no question as to “how” or “why”. Come with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a full cup. Come, and when you leave you will leave with more than you ever imagined.

Austin Rees ~ (sacred milk co-creator) Two years ago, my friend, Sara Goff, shared the Sacred Pregnancy movement and book with me.  She convinced me we needed to attend a live retreat and I quickly signed up and sent in a deposit for the retreat in Maui that was 8 months away. However, a live retreat was planned just two hours from my home in Virginia and was only two weeks away, so I immediately signed up for it first.  I arrived in Gore, VA with the intent to learn how to become a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.  I left five days later with a deeper understanding in myself, solid relationships with my new sisters, and a renewed fire in my soul.  The Sacred Pregnancy retreat was not a simple Birth Education training, it was a chance for me to shed old fears and losses, practice forgiveness, and be honored in my true, raw self.  Upon leaving, I contacted Sara, who was a fellow IBCLC, and said we must become involved with this movement from a Milk perspective.  There Sacred Milk was conceived. 


We attended the Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Colorado five months later together, and went on to lead two live Sacred Milk retreats. Recently, Anni opened up the Las Vegas Sacred Pregnancy retreat to Sacred Living Movement leaders to attend and share a piece of their programs.  Sara and I both wanted to participate and soak up the Sacred Pregnancy energy.  I was hesitant to attend with my one year old, Maggie, but felt it was a chance to hold space for all who were attending.  Again, the energetic vibration was high, and Maggie and I were both welcomed into the circle with open arms.  Here, I was able to expand and receive the love shared by my fellow sisters.  I was able to participate in activities that pushed me emotionally and physically, and allowed me to release and grow personally.  I again witnessed a beauty of the sacred circles- there is no hierarchy- it does not matter if you are a first time participant, a Level 2, or Level 3, or another SLM leader.  In a circle, everyone is an equally important individual sister.  I accepted the invitation to the retreat with the intent to mentor, but instead experienced the magic the Sacred Living Movement retreats exude: peace, acceptance, and unconditional love. 

Lindsay Ebling ~ Two years ago I set an intention out into the world of my desire to attend a Sacred Pregnancy Live Retreat. With the intention set I manifested this goal into reality when I said “YES” to the Las Vegas retreat location. I was given limited details of the retreat itself, which was enough to let the smallest of worries and anxieties into my head let alone the fact that I would be leaving my 2 year old for the first time EVER! This decision did not come without plenty of hesitation, but I placed all fears aside because even then I believe I knew I was about to embark on one of the most profound and personally enriching experiences of my life to date. Even then I knew to “trust” that the universe was ready to help me change, because I too was ready to change and find more to my life.


I soon realized that saying yes was the easy part. The hard part would be continually reminding myself that I deserved this break and that I deserved to pamper myself while learning how to practice self-love. The 2 years prior to my flight across the United States and into Las Vegas was entirely devoted to the needs of my beautiful boy Orion. It became apparent that in order to be a wonderful mother full of nurturing love & light I would need to learn how to love & nurture my own well being first and foremost.
In just 4 intensive days I learned so much about myself, safely cradled in the womb-like-warm embrace of 36 women. Amazingly I  was  completely  wrapped  and  nurtured  throughout

this entire very personal process. A journey down the path of self-discovery can be intense at times but this experience was overwhelming positive and therapeutic. I was blown away by the honesty and raw emotions that we all felt safe and compelled enough to share. Honestly the whole experience was incredibly empowering and flat out EPIC. It feels as if some of the amazing energy we created together within the sacred circle has followed me home and into every facet of my life and infiltrated every fiber of my being.

Since the retreat I have become the fun loving, motivated, confident, charismatic, yet patient mother that I was always destined to be. I have become a more creatively engaged and intuitively sound individual. My overall happiness and excitement for life has greatly increased. After a 4-year break and struggle through grief, I have re-enrolled to finish my bachelor’s degree in the fall, which says, a lot for the inspiration and determination I can partially thank the live Sacred Pregnancy retreat for. I do believe the intentions I placed into the Salt Bowl ceremony was heard out in the Universe and I feel more motivated than ever before to live the high vibrational, purpose driven life of my dreams. Passions and dreams are swirling around my mind and brewing within my soul, and I couldn’t be more pleased, excited, and grateful for these amazing benefits.

Before I left for this retreat I was feeling very much depleted, alone and afraid. Afraid of wasting my life away but also too fearful for my life to begin. I know in actuality I am not alone in these fears and feelings but isolated alone we can easily crumble, together in sisterhood we can move mountains and get through all the tall or small feats in life. Now more than ever I believe that there is so much truth in what the Dalia Lama said: “the world will be saved by the western woman”. We have the power with our feminine energy and intuitive capabilities to create a more harmonious, spiritually awakened world. A world where love leads communities into active peaceful engagement.

I am forever grateful for my overall experience at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat and believe full heartedly that I will go on to experience the level 2 and level 3 opportunities. My hope with this is to be able to help facilitate the personal growth of other woman in and around my community. What a blessing it will be to help others journey through their pregnancies and into such an amazing rite of passage. Another bonus to attending more retreats is to meet more amazing women and to also get more time with the wonderfully creative and beautifully gifted Anni Daulter, to whom this Sacred Living Movement dream and vision is credited to. Anni has created a sacred place in time and space to gather, learn, grow, and commune. Advancing spiritually, physically and emotionally. A space with emphasis on community, where woman can come together and empower one another in their similar desire to inspire change throughout the world.


“I am forever grateful for a sacred place in time and space with all my sisters”

Laura Conner ~ This reflection comes two weeks after my time spent at the Sacred Pregnancy Vegas retreat. I have waited all this time to write this because I just could not find the words to express all that I witnessed, felt, discovered and learned at this retreat. I worried I would never find the words...when my friends and family asked about it, all I could initially say was that it was pure magic and you MUST experience for yourself some day. So although these following words will no way do it justice I just want to share what I got from this incredible life-changing weekend.


Let me just start by saying I find it utterly scary to  take  off  for  an

entire weekend to spend 4 days with 40 women (I do not know) in the middle of the desert! Waaaay out of my comfort zone due to some past hurts. I have had one to many poor experiences with women in general that has left my heart broken and tattered. Ironically my calling has been to serve women through massage, doula and a ton of pregnancy classes. But there is a huge factor when working with women on a professional level. I am in control of the situation and they are in the space I am allowing them to share with me. Fast forward to the moment I pull up in front of the small vintage cabin and there are women fluttering about in excitement, unpacking, hugging, laughing....I thought for a moment...WHAT DID I JUST AGREE TO??!!!! My next thought...@*!@ it!!! It is time!!!I am going to say YES and it was the best YES I have ever said for myself!! I have no control of what is going to happen this weekend and I didn't want to. I was letting go!


There were so many things that took my breathe away at this retreat. If it was not the beauty we created in what many others would find desolate, it was the intense beauty of the women who surrounded me. Their stories, lives, hurts, joys, tears and laughter will live on inside me FOREVER. We danced under the stars. We howled at the moon and yelled out all that did not serve us. We quietly watched the sunrise and never felt more gratitude. There were moments of such utter reverence for one another, for our spoken words, for the moments where words were not even needed. It was mind blowing and my heart literally would swell. I think what was the most revealing was how BIG and FULL are world is...I mean totally crowded, full and populated but yet so many of us feel so very alone for whatever the reason. It was amazing to her every women's story...her truth and realize how we are all so very connected and essentially the same! It didn't matter if we cities apart from one another or came from another country we were all searching and needing the same things. Understanding, a listening ear, a kind touch, a deep look from someone who loves you, for someone to SEE YOU, for someone to GET YOU, someone to lift you up and someone to just BE with you to witness the ugly or the pain. We all wanted and needed a sisterhood! In the biggest of pictures it is not just a pregnancy thing or a women thing. It is a HUMAN thing and we just really need more of ALL of this!!


I left knowing I had found my tribe and a sisterhood that would forever change my soul. It has started to help piece back together the scattered and broken pieces of my heart allowing for much needed healing. I want my sister who read this to know I may have been a little quiet at times and did not speak these words to every one of you...BUT YOU HAVE TOUCHED ME SO DEEPLY and I am eternally grateful for my time with you. I was literally in awe of you all and I am so thankful for your raw, honest, true and sweet intentions. I am a better women, mother, daughter, partner and SISTER because of you! I CAN NOT WAIT to see you all again (I know I will) so we can dance wild and free again, play with flowers, talk of dragons, ancient traditions, cry, laugh and honor another group of new sisters!!


Thank you Anni and to all the leaders who made this happen!! I implore you my future sisters who are reading this....JUST SAY YES!! Do this for YOU!! Don't look back, jump right in, leave your fears behind and come discover the MAGIC of a LIVE RETREAT!

Sue Crowder ~ (sacred web goddess) The magic of a live Sacred Pregnancy retreat is indescribable, but I'm going to try. I've had the honor and privilege of attending three live Sacred Pregnancy retreats over the last year and each has been it's own beautiful journey. The magic created by Anni and the sisters of Sacred Pregnancy is unbelievable. She takes an ordinary space and turns it into a wonderland of Beauty Way. She pulls you in with love and warmth and creates a safe space for you to circle with other women and connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. 


Each journey through Sacred Pregnancy has taught me something new and beautiful about myself. It's also allowed me to hold space for other women as they journey on their paths and find themselves within. Sacred Pregnancy is not just about being pregnant. It's about traveling deep into your soul and coming out reborn. Sacred Pregnancy is women empowerment. It's beauty, it's light, it's hope, it's understanding, it's a Sacred Journey to YOU. 

If you feel drawn to Sacred Pregnancy forget all the reasons why you can't and find the reason why you can. You will have the journey of a lifetime and continue on to do amazing things. Go to a retreat, dive a little deeper, love yourself, and discover your goddess within!

Stephanie Holz: "Holy spirits, you walk up there in the light, on soft earth. Shining god-like breezes touch upon you gently, as a woman's fingers play music on holy strings. Like sleeping infants the gods breathe without any plan; the spirit flourishes continually in them, chastely kept, as in a small bud, and their holy eyes look out in still eternal clearness. A place to rest isn't given to us. Suffering humans decline and blindly fall from one hour to the next, like water thrown from cliff to cliff, year after year, down into the Unknown." - Friedrich Hölderlin 

Well I'm here to tell you that Anni Daulter has indeed created that place to rest. She has given it graciously to pregnant mommas that then they can give to their children and their communities. What Anni Daulter has to offer will eventually change our whole world, by offering a different way of being and engaging with ourselves and each other. She has found a way to take her consciousness and love to save the falling,  suffering  humans,  indirectly  as  well  as  directly.

She is, without a doubt, guided by Spirit and nearly a  saint  as  great Theresa. Though there is the exchange of money, her aim and mission is not far from what any great spirit that has led this land to do. She truly does ease the pain and suffering of beings the world all over. This may sound over-sensationalized. Good! I encourage you to question my words! I want you to experience for yourself what she has to offer. Challenge my words! Tell me that what you experience is anything less than powerful! I did not expect to find this when I attended my first retreat. I admit, on my plane ride to Arizona, I was seriously doubting what I was even doing. I thought for sure I had stumbled upon some major money making pyramid scheme. But I had to know what it was about. The advertisements were beautiful, the testimonials gleaming, the locations dreamy, and what it claimed to offer seemed too good to be true. The activities she's chosen are carefully crafted that facilitate immense transformation and regain a sense of comfort and certainty in these trying times. At least there will be beauty. At least I will always be able to create beauty. At least I will always be able to come together with my fellow humans and feel connected to them, and the beauty surrounding us all. At least I will always be able to rid myself of my “word-hoard”, lighten the load of my suffering and find myself surrounded by compassionate and caring people. After all, let's be real here: we are in war times, war in other countries, war in our healthcare, war against the sanctity of choosing who to marry, war against women and their reproductive choices, war against the wild places and Mother Nature, and war in our food systems. We don't even have the right to keep ourselves healthy, it sometimes feels! And yet, and yet, Anni Daulter has found a way to celebrate in these uncertain and terrifying times. I've attended two retreats now. The first one was in Sedona, Arizona, right after the 4 week recovery time from a myomectomy. I was still exhausted after declining a blood transfusion though it was recommended, as I lost a significant amount of blood. The Arizona sun was exactly what I needed. From the Pacific Northwest that gets 288 cloudy days a year on average, I was already grateful to be in the sun. Aside from my own delightful experiences there, what was most astonishing was watching the weight of the burden of many of the women there be significantly reduced. Their spirits by the end of the 4 days were bright and enlivened. When they begun, though determined, were downtrodden and weary. Three women in particular I watched carefully their expedient rejuvenation. Was it the food? The relaxation? Or simply the intention that allowed for these transformations? Sacred Pregnancy is bigger than Anni Daulter. Sacred Pregnancy creates its own life; it is its own entity. It breathed itself into creation through Anni. That's what makes it so powerful, and causes such a sensation. Spirit has given it to us. Spirit has given us Sacred Pregnancy. Thank you Anni Daulter for listening close enough, being organized enough, and believing enough to bring Sacred Pregnancy alive! The best part? She continues to listen, closely, like the amazing mother she is, which allows the Sacred Pregnancy movement to grow, expand, and evolve. She's ever attentive to its growing needs and simply allows for its expansion. Oh and did I mention that Anni actually lives what she preaches? I have to include that Anni actually flew up from California to be with a bedridden momma in Portland. She gathered all those that attended the Doe Bay retreat to give that momma a mother honoring in her hospital room. This work was created from Anni's own sense of lack during her pregnancies; she wanted someone, the books and endless pregnancy-related literature, the classes, the practitioners, to talk to her: THE MOTHER. Not about her, not about her body, not about her baby. Just talk to her! And what a transformation she created out of that! Anni's heart is truly in this work, and anything manifested from a spirit like that has my full attention and commitment.

Sarah Dexter: Let's see…There's my life BEFORE the Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Retreat, and then there's my life AFTER. The latter is one that has been infused with a new level of giddiness and determination about the work that I do and the work that I WILL do in my community and the many ways it will touch…no, ROCK the birth world. I have been 'moved by the movement', literally, and am more motivated than ever to share the beauty way with the mamas who cross my path. The experience of the Sacred Pregnancy retreat was unlike any other. To be surrounded by a group of amazing women, whom I now feel so connected to, and immersed in the beauty and peacefulness of Orcas Island, and then to be led by the ever-glowing Anni was so special, cathartic, revitalizing, inspiring. I have come away with so much that I can instantly utilize in both my life and my practice, on top of the confidence and ability to teach the classes. And the best part?…You get to experience first hand the beauty that you will be passing on to the mamas in your classes. It might as well have been the Blessing Way I never had! This. Right now. Is the way every woman should get to feel. About her pregnancy. About her love. About her body, her mind, her spirit. About her strength. Thank you Anni…I bow now!

Jess Booth: When was the last time you were sung to? Or the last time someone fed you? How about the last time you laughed until you cried? When was the last time you were seen as the whole complete you? Painted with words of love and friendship, danced by the fireside or blessed with sacred smoke. Do you remember that you have sisters? Do you know that you are loved? A week ago all of this happened for me. And it was completely, divinely, perfectly magic. Or maybe I should say sacred. I didn’t really know what to expect at the retreat. I just knew that I needed to find a way to move things forward for myself. I have a baby who is 14 months and who I am wholly in love with—but she needs me a lot. I have a business that makes my heart sing but it is a challenge to get myself ‘out there’ in the big wide world. I had just spent a week with the in laws and was trying to update my website again! Add to this mix a hard working husband and the needs of a creative, inspiring son and well-- honestly I was feeling drained. Like I’ve been stuck in a rut, the hamster at the proverbial wheel, running round and round but going nowhere. And the day of the retreat, my car broke down. Pfft right! I came with an open heart  and  mind.  And  wow. Just wow! From the first  moments

of arrival there were flowers, handmade gifts, sincere eye contact and a real presence of all the course facilitators. We were held from the very first moment to the very last with care, honesty and intention. The clarity and presence of the Sacred Pregnancy team made it a completely safe circle. A place to open, to share, to discover our hearts and bond deeply with our sisters. What is it? The magic of coming together in a circle of loving and supportive women? To be reminded that this is who we are and how we can be together. What a gift. And it is this knowing that flavors and permeates each moment of the retreat and each lesson of the classes. I came away truly inspired not only by Sacred pregnancy but by the work I do in the world. I feel so honored to be part of this movement. And I think that is yet another gift of this course. They really see each participant in her whole shining, unique power. And they help us to see ourselves that way too. A favorite teacher of mine says that we can’t give from a place of emptiness. Being of service in my career and as a mother, let’s be honest, - being depleted is, well, easy. But I have soaked in every moment of respect, laughter, joy, tears, connection and love. I have filled my cup to the brim. I am now giving from the place of abundance. And it feels fucking awesome! I have loads of motivation, energy, and creative inspiration. I started the retreat a tired, stressed out mama. I left those bags at the door, honey, and came out a love-filled, passionate and exuberant goddess. Ready to take on the world. Hell Yeah!


Radha Crawley: (sacred ayurveda creator) Sacred Pregnancy was such a deep and profound experience, I am not sure there are enough words to fully capture my experience and the amount of profoundly potent wisdom I acquired at this retreat. Each moment of this retreat felt like an eternity, an eternity filled with self exploration, deep release of pain and unnecessary burden, inexplicable JOY and BLISS, spiritual connection, art therapy, dance therapy, laughter, tears and sweet sister connection. I was profoundly inspired by each woman's story, her pain, her dreams, her joys. I was comforted time and time again by Anni's vast knowledge base, expansive wisdom, her positive and present energy and oozing JOY FILLED heart. I feel changed after this retreat and am basking in the knowing that I have found a necessary piece of my life's work, my dharma. I am so excited and inspired to share this life-changing and spirit expanding work with all whom are drawn to living in the realm of the Sacred.


Leia Swanberg: (sacred surrogacy creator) As I was packing for these five days away from home, and work, I really thought it would be a light, and fun time, learning how to support and honour women during pregnancy. Something I Love doing personally, and professionally already. Well it was that, but wow, it was so much more!!! Within moments of arriving, I knew that this was going to be an amazing week. What I didnt know was it would be deep, amazing, overwhelming, beautiful, scary, exhilirating, raw, and most of all ABOUT ME, showing up for me!!! Over the five days I faced fears that I hadn't thought about in years, I opened up, I honoured the women around me, and in that I also honoured someone I had forgotten about for many years, Me. With the support of my new Sisters, I realized that letting go of the abuse, and trauma I suffered was okay to do, as I was safe, it no longer served me, and it was time. I was able to look at pregnancy in a whole new way, and most importantly, I was able to honour my own births, and trauma that surrounded a few of them. My role as a wife, and mother have been rewritten, I am home now, and doing the "work" I need to do, in order to continue to "show up" for myself. As a successful entrepeneur, I thought I had life pretty locked up, boy did I have a lot to learn, and learn I did. Taught by an amazing woman, who challenged me when I needed it, held me up, when I couldn't stand, and loved on me, when I couldn't love myself in those moments of raw beauty, and raw sorrow.


Tessa Danielle Stephens: There is a powerful spirit that moves through a circle of women, and it is this energy that coursed through me, broke me, healed me and guides me on a new path today. The Sacred Pregnancy Retreat I attended in Venice, Italy can best be described as an personal awakening. 


I departed on a plane in San Francisco, CA with the beautiful artwork and photos in my head, and the SP book in my hand. I hadn’t even cracked the first page, my soul was calling me to be at this retreat and that was all that I knew. And it was more than enough. I was welcomed into a tribe of women with ever-expanding hearts and years of wisdom and love. We learned how to lead women through the Pregnancy and Birth Journey classes by experiencing them ourselves. There was a focus on nature, tradition and connection. The art we created was simple, beautiful and helped open our hearts to begin our work leading women through their own sacred experiences.



I am forever bound to the sisters I met at the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat, and even the ones I have yet to meet. If your heart is calling you to this work, this sacred woman’s work, listen and be ready to receive. Join me in Northern California as I share the love!


Tricia Surette: It was a life-altering experience. For four days I had nothing to do but take care of myself. My meals were prepared for me. There was very little housecleaning to do. No toys to pick up. No mountains of laundry to wash. My only responsibility was learning and connecting with my soul and heart. At first it was really hard, I mean REALLY HARD. Even with coming back to my writing this year the moments of connection I had experienced were fragmented, disrupted and often overwhelmed by a world of negativity. For four days I could no longer hide behind my excuses. I was surrounded by a group of women all there to do their own soul-searching and together we supported each other as we faced our pain, our regrets, our demons. They took many different shapes and sizes but there was no competition to out do each other or downplay anyone’s journey. We all just accepted that each of us were facing what we needed to in that space and so we honoured the journeys, held space for the stories and allowed each women to process what they were ready to process and to do so in their own way. For many of us I think that  was  a  first.  For


me I know it was a first. To be able to talk about my pain, past and present, without being shamed, tuned out, ignored or downplayed was an incredible gift and to receive that gift from virtual strangers was even more incredible. I had never met any of these women before sharing that crazy house with them for four days and I now consider them my tribe, my safe place to find refuge when my world is turning upside down and inside out. My plan is to take these moments of connection out to others who like me are desperately searching for them. To create circles of women supporting women without shame. To be able to hold space for the incredible amount of pain in this world that just wants to be seen and heard. And through rituals and cleansing practices support each other to let go, to accept ourselves, our stories, and realize our worth as a person, as a human being living on this planet connected to everything and everyone. If the world could collectively exhale its burden of pain and anger, we might find peace. It starts with acknowledgment and a willingness to sit in circle with each other and hear each others stories. To hold space for every individual person to feel the peace that comes from the release of our pain and when we release our pain there is more room for love. If more people experience that life-altering love peace stands a chance, barriers will come down and we will see each other as the connected people we are. Anni Daulter has created a sacred living movement with the ability to change our world. I am deeply honoured to have spent those four days with her, learning from her amazing zest for life and love and to now take her teachings back to my small corner of the world and help spread that love a little further.


Kandy Naylor: I crossed the border and headed toward Golden, BC. The drive into Canada was deeper than I realized. Perhaps symbolic, because I had no idea what The Deep Drink had in store for me. It was an instructor training for Sacred Pregnancy, yet so, SO much more. Upon completion of the training, I had come to understand that it was a completely unexpected, transformative experience. At this training, I spent several days with women who I now love and call my sisters. I watched many of them transform and become empowered through facing deep fears and sharing thoughts, feelings and secrets. The retreat itself was a cocoon, safe from the outside world where we could talk, work, learn, cry, laugh, and play together, which allowed us to emerge as butterflies. I went in to this retreat holding on to deep rooted pain. This circle of amazing women held space for me to work through trauma that was paralyzing me. Not only that, but I made a huge break-through in realizing that I have never allowed myself to be happy. Not only did I leave having  worked  through  my  pain  and  feeling  HAPPY,


but I left the retreat prepared to do my sacred work do my sacred work feeling light, happy, loving, open, and at peace, yet FULL of energy! I write this a week and a half after leaving the Golden, BC Sacred Pregnancy instructor training and I thought those feelings all might fade on the 1600 mile drive back home, but they did NOT. My feet have not hit the ground and I have accomplished so much work toward opening a Sacred Space next year in Scottsdale, AZ ,where I live. I am so excited to be bringing all things Sacred to the women of Scottsdale! Thank you, Anni, for bringing the Sacred Movement to the world. It is creating a much needed sisterhood among women and changing lives!


Nici Shipway: My sacred pregnancy experience was nothing that I had anticipated and everything that I needed. Anni has created a way to lead woman through a beautiful transformation and appreciation of themselves and I've never felt so rejuvenated in my life. The bond that you build with the woman around you is so huge and surprising and beautiful. An open heart and mind can get you far when you are being lead through different parts of yourself by a woman who exudes positivity and love. My heart is smiling and I'm so thankful.


Britney Blaney: Over the last week I heard many times Keep showing up for yourself, and at first I had no idea what that REALLY meant until about the second and third day at the retreat, and let me tell you these five words have become such a big part of my everyday life. I had begun to realize that I was pretty much giving up on myself and everyone/thing around me. I believed I was a rather positive person before I left but found during the retreat that I was merely hiding behind a mask to just get through the day and move onto the next. That is not what I call showing up for yourself… BUT NOW! The transformation that I feel within me is the greatest euphoric feeling I have ever felt in my life. My husband will give me these strange looks like he has no idea who I am ( in a good way) and he literally told me the other day that I was nicer, but he had to adjust to the changes and didn’t know how to tell me this in a good way. My daughter shows me more affection than she ever has and even though she is only twenty-one months, I believe she can feel the positive vibes I am throwing off now. Hopefully I will give her a full life because of this deep drink I have had! I have only been home for a few days now and am in Awh of


how incredibly changed my home life is. This is not something that will continue to happen I realize, if I don’t keep showing up for myself. To try and explain what Sacred Pregnancy is and what it is that changes within you is not an easy thing to explain by any means. Every single activity that we did, every practice that we did, was all how Anni put her heart and soul into this movement and will push, bend, and be the rock you need to lean on when you have had enough and NEED someone to wrap arms around you and tell you how amazing you are! She lives the beauty way to the fullest. I truly can not express how grateful I am to this AMAZING woman and the work that she has done. I bow now. I must say it was also quite amazing to have a few level twos in our class including pretty much the entire online team to continue pushing us and reminding us to show up for ourselves and that it is totally ok to be a huge blubbering fool 95% of the time… (night and day haha) I am just happy I wasn’t the only one! Eventually I just said screw it I trust my Sacred Sisters and our safe space and just went with it! For those of you who are doing the online classes and are on the fence about taking a live retreat STOP thinking about it and just do it! If there is something standing in the way of you getting there, talk with Anni, she is amazing and will work through any road blocks with you to get you to where you should be. I have been doing two, going on three online classes and while they are also fantastic you DO NOT build the sisterhood you do at a live retreat, as it is so much easier to hide behind your computer and just go through each lesson and take it in stride. You need to be pushed and believe me at a live retreat, if nothing else, you will be pushed! Trust me when I say that you do end up better off for this. It is scary as hell, and I am not saying it’s easy because I think this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but you truly find yourself and a true love for life and for YOU! So thank you Anni for all that you do, for all that you are, and for the Movement that you have created for all women everywhere! I hope to bring this Sacred practice full force to the communities around me AND I WILL NOT HOLD BACK!


Amanda Omoth: My journey to Sacred Pregnancy started last November at the Sacred Relationship retreat in Mexico. Coming across the info online my husband and I knew it was what we needed to find each other again. What a life changing 5 days for both of us- and we look forward to going again! Anni and Tim Daulter know the exact balance of listening, sharing, and how to help find in yourself and each other exactly what you are looking for. Life changing, I can't say that enough!! I was repeatedly encouraged to attend a Sacred Pregnancy retreat as all of the women in Mexico had been and were still blissfully raving about it :) I really wanted to go, especially after having such a positive and supportive experience with Anni. I got the chance to attend last week's SP retreat in Toronto- in those 4 days I received everything I was hoping for and more! It was special for me to attend the retreat 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby, but would have been just as exciting to go at any time, pregnant or not.   The  things  that  we  shared  and  reflected  on  are  relevant  to


everyone. Again Anni knew exactly how to reach out to each of us and take us to a place of deep understanding and healing (sometimes when we didn't realize we needed it). Everyone was so open and supportive even though most of us had just met. It was wonderful to connect with other women in ways you don't usually experience in your day to day life. We were fully taken care of, mind, body and soul. We received beautiful gift bags with special things selected to help us take care of ourselves. We shared a day of honouring in the most loving ways I have ever been pampered! Being massaged by 6 pairs of sacred hands is something dreams are made of! We were told positive things about ourselves that we needed to hear, like how beautiful and powerful we are, until we believed it and owned it. I knew I would learn things about myself. I knew I would love the relaxing sisterhood atmosphere. I knew it would bring me more happiness related to my pregnancy and birth, motherhood and myself. I know I will go again as the feelings I had over the 4 days and memories I am left with are things that have made me a better person :) A huge beauty-filled and loving THANK YOU to Anni who has once again shown me more ways to love myself than I ever believed possible before.


Tina Cleveland: How can I possibly describe the feelings of attending a live Austin, Tx Sacred Pregnancy Retreat. Amazing, transforming, delicious, love for others, self-love, divine, fun and most importantly the most awesome feeling of SISTERHOOD. There is nothing like this that I've ever experienced in my entire life. Anni Daulter is truly a goddess in her own right. She is a sweet, soft spoken (until she delivers a baby-haha), she is one of the most kind, the most gentle, loving, spirited person I have ever met. She pulled out of me a new way of thinking, creativity, adventure, boldness, and overall  gratitude of just being a woman of WORTH! This retreat was so much more than I expected. I wasn't ready for the changes that was happening to me as each day unfolded. I wasn't prepared for the transformation to happen so quickly. I wasn't prepared to have boxes of tissues needed to catch all my tears, good or otherwise! 


There is nothing like walking into a place and being swallowed up in all the beauty that surrounds you. As soon as I stepped over the threshold of the lake house door we stayed in, I was in a magical place. The vibrant colors, the smells, the beautiful flowers, the candles burning and The FOOD! Let me say a few words about the food. This girl can cook! Healthy and plentiful! The Beauty Way has already entered my home and I've only been home for a day. Overall my experience at the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat will be unforgettable. It is a MUST do!
Thank you Anni and the other 3 women who helped her. And of course, thank you to my new forever SISTAS! You have helped me to grow to be a better person on this Sacred Journey.


Shannon Brooks: Wow! Since I have been home some of my friends have asked me about my experience with the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat. It is hard to put into words how powerful this retreat was for me.  It affected me deeply. I feel empowered, I feel excited, I feel inspired, and I feel loved. I knew that when I came home, I would have learned about supporting women on this special journey of pregnancy. But, I never imagined that I would transform so profoundly in the process.


As I walked into the beautiful lake house in Austin Texas, there were candles lit, fresh flowers everywhere, and special goodies to make us feel welcomed. There was even chocolate on my bed. The sweetness had just begun.  I was welcomed into a group of women that would become my sisters.



I will be forever connected to all of the beautiful women who decided to take this journey. Anni Daulter did an amazing job of holding sacred space for us as we personally experienced different techniques to create sacred space, release fears, and remind us of our self-worth. I am now in love with the goddess I have always been but never recognized! The tears flowed, the laughter echoed into the night, and the dancing portrayed our fun and playful side. Oh and did I mention the food? A little bit of Heaven was served in Texas that week! I felt so nourished and loved.


A special thank you to Anni for guiding us and challenging us to move out of our comfort zones while holding us in love, to Katie, Jennifer, and Nicole for helping to create such a beautiful experience for us all, and to all my sisters who loved me though the transformations of the week. I would love for all women to experience this retreat. It is filled with inspiration, unity, sisterhood, knowledge, and sacred visions of what pregnancy and birth should be all about.


Georgie Jhet: There are far too many beautiful things to mention about the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat in Austin that I would like to talk about my personal journey and what I got from my incredible time there.


From the moment I arrived, I felt 'at home' in such a stunning environment - beauty way was an understatement!  I felt incredible warmth and nourishment from the moment I arrived to the day the magic sadly had to end.I had been wishing to be part of the Sacred journey for about a year when I finally took the plunge to join Anni at a live retreat and am so grateful I chose Austin to be my first.  I arrived with a hope to be trained in Sacred Pregnancy and Birth Journey so that I may bring back birth as a sacred event to my local community - it has been something I have been truly wanting for the past 4 years.I left finding my heart, being comfortable and feeling safe around a group of amazing women, knowing I CAN do this work, letting my walls and fears wash away.  I am REBORN - I have the confidence and openness of a child again - an innocence where past hurts are forgiven and (almost) forgotten.  They will not hold me back from the gift I am to this world and the work that I am most passionate about.Having spent so much time and energy on courses spanning the past 20 years trying to find ME, I was not expecting Sacred Pregnancy to affect me so powerfully - I really feel free for the first time in my life.


I have come back home with so much warmth - the training has profoundly changed the way I relate to others and it is wonderful - I had always thought I never needed anyone in my life - I now know I want others in my life - that life is empty and meaningless without love.


I have never been surrounded by such an amazing group of women before and we have shared each others pain, heartache, gifts, laughter and tremendous joy - what an honour!  I am deeply privileged to have been included.


The themes that ran through my Sacred Pregnancy retreat were:  dream, connection, gratitude, strength, mother and magic - I must say that every single one of these words had a magical power and have shifted my consciousness forever.


I am so grateful for Anni to have created this truly transformative movement and to Katie, Nicole and Jen for being so giving of their love, energy and nurturing spirits to all of us in Austin - we were so nourished - body, mind & soul. Thank you and love to you all,


Jennifer Bruce-Dorsett: Going to Austin for my second Sacred Pregnancy retreat was a life changing experience.  I know a lot of women say this, but I truly believe that no matter how many retreats you have been to, you will find things within yourself you never knew existed.  All the women were so loving and amazingly open, kind and reverent as we learned how to make women feel powerful and confident in their pregnancy and creating the sisterhood that women crave.  Seeing other women discover these things and so much more was truly a gift. Serving these women was an honor.  Being in Anni’s humble, loving presence re-energized me.  The sisterhood that was created was like nothing else as everyone fully showed up for themselves and for the others in the circle.  As I saw each women open and blossom I knew that I was in the right place at the right time.  This retreat went far beyond learning how to teach an amazing class, it did something for my soul that I cannot even put into words.  To break bread, cry and laugh with women in a kind and caring, non-judgmental environment is amazing. The community these retreats and the Sacred Movement has and is creating will take over the world.  I for sure cannot get enough! 

 Megan Kibling-Elzondo: It has taken me weeks to sit and reflect upon the magic that was created and shared at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Lyons, Colorado. Not only is it hard to find the words to describe such deep, beautiful bonding, but it is a challenge to give those words weight equal enough to describe such a life altering event. I stepped into this retreat at 9 weeks postpartum, feeling vulnerable, but excited. Having been to a Sacred Pregnancy retreat 2 years prior, I knew what to expect, but also knew each retreat gathered different women who brought their own stories to tell and their own magic. It’s quite amazing to gather with women, let alone women you’ve never met before and let yourself open wide to share your self and to also hold space for them. After the first day, I felt myself regain my strength as a woman and more importantly as a Mother. I personally had been struggling with the  balance  of  having


two children, not being able to meet the needs of my first born babe and it bringing me great sadness. My new sisters reminded me of the power I hold and that I am a fantastic Mother. They saw my magic, they witnessed my true self and replenished my soul. I came home from the last day, ready. Ready to send my first born off to kindergarten, ready to mother my two children, ready to live my life at the highest vibration possible and to make the choice of always responding with love. My mind had been cleared and my feet grounded. I am excited about my life and about the connections I make daily. I am so honored to be apart of this gorgeous community that is Sacred Living.

Carleigh-Jo Naylor: It's taken me some time to finally be able to gather my thoughts and be able to process them into coherent sentences, and even then I'm not sure how great this will be.  I had been silently watching the Sacred Living Movement for about a year when Sue Crowder announced she would be having a Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Utah.  I jumped on the chance to sign up and was instantly electric with anticipation.  I wasn't positive what to expect going into this experience as I was not an expecting mother.  The moment I walked into the space Sue had created though I was breathless.  It was pure beauty all around me.  It was comforting, and welcoming.  I was greeted with faces I didn't know, but knew I loved right away.  


Sue and Jessica managed to guide our discussions in a very open and


loving manner, I never felt rushed or dismissed when sharing my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  She was able to help direct the activities so that everyone could connect to it and utilize the teachings in their own way.  She always made herself available to those who needed it, when they needed it most.  


To describe what I went through at Sacred Pregnancy is to try and explain what my soul looks like.  


I was nourished mentally, physically and emotionally the whole time.  I was able to understand my expectations and be validated in my wants.  I faced fears I had been running from, and faced them with encouragement and support.  I was able to create and be creative!  I used my hands to make beautiful things, and my body to dance in beautiful ways.  I was loved, and cared for.  I was touched softly and whispered to.  I was a keeper of secrets and a a sharer of many.  I was able to find a circle of women to trust and turn to.  


To say that every woman needs to experience Sacred Pregnancy is an understatement.  Every person needs to join the Sacred Living Movement.  It enriches and enhances every aspect of your life.  Sue and Jessica are both such strong women, with a tenderness that make you know you are safe.  They are an asset to this world and I'm so excited to continue in my journey now as an instructor myself and to envelope myself in this world even further.  Thank you so much!

Holly Gibb: Sacred Pregnancy Live Retreat Testimonial It was the stuff of dreams…. In the very infancy of Sacred Pregnancy I felt very drawn to this work and I knew that one day I would attend a live retreat. As the months passed, and with each retreat that I missed, I became more and more determined that this would happen for me, so without wasting too much more time – I made it happen. I was over joyed when Anni accepted my invitation to come to Scotland, not only to have the chance to attend the retreat, but also to have the opportunity to sharpen my organisational skills. I remember saying to my husband that if I could make this happen, then I would be able to achieve anything! Eight months later I welcomed Anni to Scottish soil and so it began. I feel so blessed to have shared the participation of the live training with some truly inspiring and magical women. Travelling from all over the UK, Europe and USA to commit to changing the world of birth. This  work  is  important  and  the


fires that rage in us are now ready to spread! Anni’s genuine commitment to each person’s experience touched my soul. The beautiful gifts, the blessings and also each lesson delivered with love and gratitude. The deep soul work we shared together, the joy in the relief of the freedom; I felt so refreshed and renewed that by the time I went home I could have sworn I had been away for a month. Thank you Anni for being real. Really real in everything that you do! I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Suzanne Howlett: It was the most life changing experience, it was heart opening and safe, filled to the brim with nourishment and sweet strong sisterhood. I was taken by the hand out of my comfort zone and into raw places, tears fell but somehow they watered the desert places in me and I felt myself opening up more and more. Anni is REAL and the sacred living movement is honest and loving, I can't think of a richer place to be.

Every thought was given to us, location, accommodation, food and experience, it was so much more than I could ever have imagined. Scotland is magical and in the bubble that was our beautiful circle within a tent, another kind of magic touched our hearts. I am forever filled with an ocean of gratitude for simply being there, witnessing, feeling, giving and receiving and so much learning. The retreat sisters were so special, every one of them touched my heart.

Circling, dancing, ocean splashing, honouring, holding, body painting, silk painting, laughing, crying,  massaging,  affirming,  fires


that rage in us are now ready to spread! Anni’s genuine commitment to each person’s experience touched my soul. The beautiful gifts, the blessings and also each lesson delivered with love and gratitude. The deep soul work we shared together, the joy in the relief of the freedom; I felt so refreshed and renewed that by the time I went home I could have sworn I had been away for a month. Thank you Anni for being real. Really real in everything that you do! I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Laura Frances: Our first day at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat was full of wild anticipation and like being thrown into an unexpected Indian Summer ~ Basking in breath-taking beauty, colour and a welcoming warm glow!

As we moved into Autumn, we held a safe, nurturing and trusting space for each other to open up and show up. We shared and expressed our passions, secrets, hopes, and dreams... And there began the journey of deep transformation with courage and strength as we revealed our deepest colours. The heart to heart meditation; the deep connection and seeing the inner beauty and gentleness of another's soul was such a gift to me that I’ll never forget.


Holding hands and stepping together into the Winter we went, facing our deepest drinks together; sharing, fear releasing, soul searching, letting go, allowing for peace and contemplation, and claiming our power. To be part of this and to witness to the most brave, wise, inspiring, mindful, alchemical souls was an incredible honour.



Finally, in burst Spring with new colour, new energy, strength, inspiration, growth and transformation. Gifted with love, encouragement, wisdom, acceptance, hope, compassion, a raised consciousness and friendship.

The retreat was far beyond expectation. Everything I'd dreamed of and more. Each of my senses was touched in such a profound way. The beauty way shone throughout with its dreamy colours, imagery, candles, flowers. The smell of incense was so heavenly, sensual, cleansing and uplifting. We were nourished daily with divine food made with love. Nina's soulful music will always accompany my life's journeys and melt my heart forever. It made every step of the week ever so touching and poignant. Our final honouring day was like a gift from the gods! To be touched by so many tender, loving hands at once and worshipped like a goddess was magical! Received with immense gratitude and beyond words!


Each and every part of this journey has touched my heart with such reverence. I left with my cup overflowing with love, inspiration, clarity, awakened dreams, peace, freedom, sparkles and a profound love and admiration for all my new sisters.


I am brimming with energy and courage to manifest my dreams into being! I am a vortex of excitement and magic for my new future, embracing the change in me, welcoming back parts of me that Id lost along the way, letting go of the old and feeling pretty euphoric about embarking on the new!

The excitement that I have for the Sacred Living Movement is immense! This the missing link for so many women and we have the power to turn this into reality and change those stories! I am so passionate about sharing all this love and beauty, holding space and honouring women in my community! Being part of this change is something I have wanted to do for so long and now it is here, it is such an incredible honour...


Thank you to all my new sisters for showing up and being so real. Every one of you showed your profound beauty, passion, compassion and wisdom heart emoticon Together we created our own magic.

And finally, thank you to Anni for weaving the dream, being the driving force and being the Love. It is to you we must all thank for creating the space for all those deserving mamas to be heard, witnessed, held, respected, honoured and worshipped for the goddesses that they truly are!


You welcomed me into the circle as a beautiful, wise, alchemical goddess dressed in all white and I left with the feeling that you were so much more! ~ A devout, loving mama and wife and a very precious friend.

Erin McGuigan: I attended the Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Dunbar, Scotland in October 2015. I had been for some time looking for further training to deepen and enhance my doula practice, but I couldn't find just the right thing. I stumbled upon Sacred Pregnancy one late night while searching the internet. Immediately, it spoke to me and the more I read and looked at the beautiful images, the more I was convinced I had found what I was looking for. I started with the online Sacred Pregnancy course and then was delighted to see that Anni was taking a live retreat to Scotland. It was difficult, on many levels, to make the arrangements to get there, but I managed and thank goodness I did because it exceeded my expectations.


Everything about the retreat was magical. It was soul searching, moving, poignant, beautiful and ultimately, life changing.



What surprised me most was not just how I came away with a new approach to my birthwork, but also to my family and my whole outlook. Not only was I profoundly touched by Anni and the other facilitators, but also all the women on the course. Anni created such a scared and loving environment that everyone was willing to be vulnerable and open, and this honesty was like a soothing balm to my heart. Together we sang, danced, created, listened, shared, hugged, laughed and cried. We were given gifts, massages, songs, praise, comfort, nourishment, love and many many blessings.


This sisterhood I have found is one that I will treasure. I now feel refreshed, relaxed, reinvigorated, and ready to go forward in my work with kinder eyes and a more open heart. I feel empowered to take this message to the women of my community and the fire under my feet is stoked. Basically, I can't wait to share Sacred Pregnancy with everyone I meet! But not only that, I now feel I will be a better, more compassionate, doula, mother, wife, daughter and sister.


On top of all this, the retreat was located in one of my favourite parts of the UK and the scenery was stunning. Falling asleep to the roar of the ocean so close by was so relaxing and that closeness to nature is to be treasured. The accommodation was divine and food was unbelievably delicious and nourishing.


Thank you Anni for bringing Sacred Pregnancy to the UK, and to the world. Your work is needed, and much appreciated.

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