Kirsten Wallace

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Passionate about birth, Kirsten certified as a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor in July 2014. A professional Doula (Swellmama, OmBaby) and Yoga Instructor (prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga) Kirsten is also (and most importantly) mom to 4 beautiful children. Immersed in birth and babies, she was drawn to the Sacred Pregnancy program because of its positive and empowering messages. Birth is sacred. We are so lucky to have been chosen by our babies to be their mamas - to nurture, love and grow them - and birthing is such a powerful and transformative gift and opportunity. The Sacred Pregnancy program guides mamas to find their power and embrace this amazing journey. 


Kirsten is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats, the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.