Kim Kushner
New York City
New York

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Kim is deeply committed to creating a community of Sisterhood that recognizes pregnancy, along with childbirth as the most profound journey in a woman’s life with power to transform her forever.

Being a professional Doula weaves together the core strands of her life into one deeply fulfilling and passionate journey. She was raised by a nurturing circle of creative, independent, women who taught her the value of appreciating other cultures and religions, art in it’s many forms, the beauty of the natural world — and most importantly, being kind and reaching out to others.

In college, she was drawn to women’s studies as well as cultural and medical anthropology, especially the cross-cultural stories and images in ancient and modern civilizations where women gathered together to support one another during childbirth. This experience had a profound effect on her personal feelings of modern maternity care and how she viewed herself as a young woman. She began to see women as strong, wise, caring, and capable of accomplishing whatever they desire.

The creative world has also played a key role in enriching her life. It’s what brought her to New York from the Bay Area where she worked in interior design, fashion, print and film industries in San Francisco, New York and Paris. Longing to return to her “roots” of natural living in an urban city, she devoted her time as manager at an iconic holistic learning and personal growth center in New York City which deepened her knowledge and appreciation of alternative medicine, holistic studies and natural healing modalities. It was here that her journey as a birth activist and Doula began, between the pages of the Sacred Pregnancy Birth Journal.

Kim achieved certification as a DONA birth and postpartum Doula as she was mentored and trained alongside her Bradley Method natural childbirth mentor. with the added benefit of skills and wisdom as is a certified Yoga Instructor from the Kripalu Center of Yoga & Health. As a birth worker she supports a variety of birth options equally with the same devotion, dedication and respect for each woman’s body and baby’s “natural” birth. It was here she made the deep realization and connection that the Sacredness of birth is fragile and when all the focus is narrowed by current modern maternity practices it’s profound knowledge and beauty can be disrupted and dismissed in a flash. She … celebrating their journey earlier and more frequently … they began to feel more empowered and less fearful of the “unknown” of their birthing experience.

Kim has a unique ability to quickly form warm, genuine connections insuring the time you share together in the Red Tent as a Sacred Sister will be filled with sharing your expectations, hopes, doubts, fears and concerns easily. You will feel supported and nurtured from the moment you begin working together and will grow in confidence along the way Her goal is to guide women to feel strengthened, honored and empowered with knowing they will bring this knowledge back to share with their family and community.

She continues to follow her Doula path, eagerly adding to the skills and knowledge that will most benefit my mothers and families, before, during, or after childbirth. She is a deeply committed member of a global community of Birth Workers and Sacred Sisterhood focused on the goal of offering women a safe, empowering, birth experience of their choice through informed decision-making, childbirth education, emotional support, advocacy, women’s circles and retreats. Kim is proud to be part of a 2,000 year-old tradition that serves to provide care and comfort during a time that has been described as “the most profound initiation to Spirituality a woman can have.”


Kim is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats.