Jessie Bernstein

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I fell in love with the vision of Sacred Pregnancy while looking for resources for my massage clients, wanting to help them find what they needed and might be in search of. I had no idea the adventure that had begun, and what I was about to embark upon. I believe everyone should be honored and celebrated during their live's milestones and transitions, including the path from maiden to motherhood. I have found my community within the Sacred Living Movement, the empowerment, the strength, the continuos support, the validation, all of it makes me feel "at home".

I often hear of fear, wonder, excitement, and what more sacred way to help these women, than through the Sacred Living Movement. I've continued taking courses of how to bring more beauty and zest to the community here in Maryland. True sisterhood will build each other up, carry each other through and change lives in magical ways. Though I have not had children at this time, my husband, my chickens and puppy sure do give me incredible blessings of love and nurture.


In love and with so much gratitude,



Jessie is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats and the 8 week Sacred Pregnancy classes.