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Jessica Booth
United Kingdom

Jessica Booth

Sacred Essence + Sacred Fertility Co-Creator

Sacred Living Movement UK Owner + Partner


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I first trained with Reiki 1 in 2006, on the wild and beautiful island of Anglesey, Wales. Following the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage, I completed the Reiki 3 in 2008. In that time, I also began training as doula under the guidance of Nurturing Birth and training with the Shiatsu College of Manchester in their intensive 4 year program which covered Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies, Zen Shiatsu, and Classical Shiatsu. I have also taken further study into shiatsu to support women at all stages of their cycle including pregnancy and the more energetic, subtle practices of Quantum Shiatsu and Seiki. I am a Priestess initiate with the Red Moon Mystery School and a Red Drum Carrier.


Following a clear call from the plant kingdom, I have completed training as a flower essences practitioner with Essentially Flowers and trained with Aromavision UK to make essential oil based products.


I combine all of these skills into Mama Baby Wise, birth & healing work & Soul Tree Essences, and now have great joy in sharing in the Sacred Living Movement UK. I joined the Sacred Living Movement in May 2014 at the Wales Sacred Pregnancy Retreat. I, along with Jessica Smithson teach both the Sacred Pregnancy & Birth Journey classes, offer Mother Roasting services and run the Sacred Essence & Sacred Fertility.


I participate in continuing professional development in all fields and feel that the journey is a lifelong commitment to helping people live healthier lives through Sacred Medicine & Sacred Living.

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