Instructor Levels

What is Level 1?

For your very first Sacred Pregnancy retreat you're a Level 1. After you complete your Level 1 training you get to take these amazing classes back to your community and teach to you local pregnant women! If you attend Sacred Pregnancy online before coming to a live retreat you will still be considered a Level 1 for your first live retreat.


What is Level 2?

After you have attended a Level 1 Retreat, you may want to attend again and learn more about running our retreats. Level 2 Apprentices are present to fully support the Leader of the retreat in anyway that person needs it. Level 2’s should not expect to fully participate in every aspect of the retreat, as they are there to help and apprentice.

In order to come again as a Level 2, you must fill out an application telling us why you want to be an apprentice and potentially run Sacred Pregnancy Trainings in the future. We will only have a few spots for Level 2’s at each retreat. Level 2’s pay half price. As a Level 2 you will be expected to help in planning, execution and extra back end work that is needed in running a retreat. If you fail to meet those expectations, you will not be certified as a Level 2. You may be asked to do more than one Level 2 retreat before you are certified. You may not be certified if the leader of the retreat believes that you did not meet the expectations that were laid out before the retreat.

You must be approved to come as a Level 2 to any retreat.


What is Level 3?

After you are a certified Level 2, you may be invited to come again as a Level 3. Attendance at retreats as an approved Level 2 does not equate automatic Level 3 eligibility or certification. At this stage you are coming with the intention that you may run Sacred Pregnancy Trainings in the future . In order to be a Level 3, you must express interest and then be invited. Coming to the retreat as a certified Level 2 does not in itself mean you will be a certified Level 3. You will be asked to demonstrate leading various portions of the retreat as well as demonstrating your knowledge of beauty way. As a Level 3 instructor you will be expected to pay for your travel, food, and accommodations. If you do not meet the leaders expectations, you may not be certified. However, you will have another opportunity to learn and practice more and potentially come again as a Level 3 to show improvement.

After you are an approved Level 3 Instructor, you will be able to lead a Sacred Pregnancy Retreat on your own. You will continue to work with either Anni Daulter or another Level 3 Instructor for your first retreat via emails and phone calls prior to the retreat. The financial reward for all of this is you will get 60% of the retreat profits and 40% are given to the Mother company.