Hayley Lane
Western Australia

Hayley’s passions lie in incorporating the ancient art of yoga, ayurveda and the rhythms of the moon into her life.  These tools have enabled her to move in a direction that offers not only herself but many others that she teaches in her business, the pathway of healing.  She was born and raised in the beautiful English countryside and had a wonderful childhood.  However, the universe had life long lessons for her when she crossed over from maiden to mother at the tender age of 14, bringing not one but two babies into this world.  This journey bought with it ups and downs on many levels and gave her great insight into how things should and can be done, not only in pregnancy and birth but in all aspects of life..  In birth, she realised that it is vital to be informed and remain in control, therefore, in her next births, having found an amazing midwife to support her, she succeeded in 3 incredible home births, all in water, that she is so very proud of.  In her last pregnancy, Hayley realised that her true passions now lie in pregnancy, birth, post partum and motherhood, especially from an ‘organic’ and ayurvedic point of view and is studying to also become an ayurvedic doula.  Her mission in life is to take all the knowledge that lies inside her, as well as all that she learns every day in motherhood and life and help encourage and empower other women, to succeed in they’re own birth journeys.  She wants to take the movement of Sacred Pregnancy all over Australia and spread this powerful message.


Now living in Western Australia with her husband, children, dog, guinea pigs and chickens, Hayley and her family enjoy regular camping trips to the beach to play with the dolphins, tumble in the surf and stretch in the outside ocean air.


Hayley is certified to teach the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.