What is included in the cost of a Sacred pregnancy Instructor Training Retreat?

The amazing training course, materials, food, lodging, head-shot photo by a professional photographer (which you can use to market your sacred biz), AMAZING gift bags filled with $200+ worth of goodies + special surprise perks . (there are times when food + lodging will not be included in the price and in those cases it will be indicated in the information)


Can I set up my own Sacred Pregnancy Facebook Page?

YES! After you become a "member" + it must be called :

Sacred Pregnancy (fill in blank with your city) If your city already exists, please ask to be an admin. on that page and try to get to know the gals running those pages. Perhaps set up a lunch date! Keep building the sisterhood!


Can more than one instructor teach in the same city?

YES! We believe in supporting each other and creating sisterhood. There is enough work for us all.


Do you provide mentor support to help get me started as an instructor?

YES! Our Level 2 Instructors are available to help mentor you in anyway they can.


If I love the Level 1 retreat + want to be a Level 2 Instructor, what does that mean?

At every retreat there will be between 2-8 Level 2 spots available. To learn more about becoming Level 2 + 3 instructors click here

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