Erin Witbeck

Contact: + 303.547.5882




Erin is a passionate birth worker living with her growing family in Lyons, CO. With a compassion that’s both witty and tender, Erin has helped guide expecting parents through childbirth education as they prepare for their upcoming births. Her rich experiences both as a doula and as a mom have informed her ability to develop empathy toward other birthing moms—and the complexity of family systems. Erin’s practice is to be fully present with her client’s agenda and do whatever is necessary to best support their needs and desires.


With the recent birth of a baby conceived in the aftermath of the 2013 flooding of their small town, Erin became immersed with her own pregnancy and postpartum experience as a mother and the personal work that it asked of her. To develop an entirely new birth work practice through the intimate experience of navigating pregnancy and birth again was a huge gift. It was through her second pregnancy and birth that Erin was fully able to receive the healing and strength her community offered.


Erin is honored to bring Sacred Pregnancy classes to the Front Range in hopes that others can experience the joy and necessity of creating the village it takes to raise these future children. The Sacred Pregnancy framework brings to the forefront the preciousness inherent in sitting in circle with other women. Circling gives us the opportunity to see and be seen, to listen and be heard in a way that lets us taste our own undeniable sacredness. As we prepare to welcome new life, we need to align with our power, vulnerability, and truth—holding space for others to experience this, is an honor.


Erin is certified to teach the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.