Sacred Pregnancy Classes for Pregnant Women

Your JOURNEY toward motherhood begins the moment you even think about wanting to have a baby…


If you are PREGNANT and want to connect with other women in sisterhood and discuss pertinent issues then you NEED to come to a Sacred Pregnancy class. If you feel CALLED to be included, please reach out! The Pregnancy Journey classes happen at any point in your pregnancy, because we want you to have a space to start talking about important issues coming up for you BEFORE you're thinking about the birthing part of your journey! 


The 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes are about 2 hours once a week and are JUST FOR PREGNANT MAMAS! The 2.5-day mini retreats are two and a half days packed full of the same sacred goodness as the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes. The 4-week Birth Journey classes are for pregnant mamas and their partners to help you connect and grow together during your pregnancy and as you prepare for birth. You deserve a sacred space and this is it!


Prepare to be moved…


To find a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor in your area please browse below. If you don't see someone listed close to you please email us and we'll help you find an instructor to teach you. Our goal is for EVERY pregnant mama to experience Sacred Pregnancy.

What will I experience in a Sacred Pregnancy 8-week class or

2-day mini retreat for pregnant women?


WEEK ONE : sacred space

explore creating a personal sacred space at home,

meditation practice, + the benefits of journaling

WEEK TWO : connection + expectations

explore connection to yourself, the baby, and sisterhood

WEEK THREE : food + body image

explore mindful eating + relationship to food+ body changes

WEEK FOUR : relationships + romance

bring your partner to class & discuss relationship shifts +

romance + ways to keep the fire lit!

WEEK FIVE : fears

holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy + birth + 

stepping into motherhood

WEEK SIX : forgiveness

find the strength to forgive past hurts and allow emotional space

to open up before baby comes

WEEK SEVEN : honoring

discuss emotional nesting + mother blessings

WEEK EIGHT: sisterhood "going to the bowl"

the last week is spent in a sisterhood circle in deep reflection of the experiences shared together and going forward

What will I experience in a Sacred Birth Journey 

class for couples?


WEEK ONE : standing at the edge

sacred space + couples connect + birth visualizations +

mala making + mantras

WEEK TWO : surrender

TRUST + fear release + LOVE HORMONE "oxytocin" + 'surrender' with the power of the senses + sacred kiss

WEEK THREE : birth

Release Fears + Connect with Baby & Make Baby Birth Bundles + Birth Videos + Birth Dancing + Elemental Support Emotional + Spritial + Physical Nesting + Conscious Comfort Methods + Rebozo + Birth Ball +

the LOVE Labor Method

WEEK FOUR :  rite of passage  

 rite of passage + mother roasting + go to the bowl + sacred belly binding

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