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I have been in the birth field as a doula & educator since 2010. My first experience witnessing birth had a profound impact on me. The experience opened my eyes to the innate wisdom of the female body and it's intelligence to know how to birth a baby undisturbed. I believe that every woman and family is unique, thus making every birth special. As a yoga teacher I bring my teachings with me into the birth space and in my classes. I see yoga as a true compliment to birth preparation and a beneficial component of the prenatal and postpartum journey. I love and admire the work of Sacred Pregnancy and how it shines light on the beauty of birth and all it's magnificence. I believe Sacred Pregnancy fills a gap in how we speak about, and prepare women for birth and motherhood. It connects our emotional, spiritual, and physical body. 


Clara is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats.

Clara Ansel-Houle
North Vancouver