Christen Ackles-Craver

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I became interested in Birth while I was still in the Navy, and started my training with a more 'conventional' doula training program. After attending some births, gaining some knowledge, and having my own son, I felt that something was lacking, missing, in how we approached birth. My own doula had mentioned that she was getting certified in Sacred Doula, and it took root in my being for a later time.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy. I'm ready to get back into birthwork, but wanted something more wholistic, and all encompassing. Something that would allow women to not just practice the technicalities of being in labour, but would allow them to prepare for the very huge emotional and spiritual shifts that accompany such a life changing event. And I remembered Sacred Pregnancy.

I believe that since pregnancy is not just a technical event but a wholistic rite of passage for a woman, she needs to be honored and cared for in her body, mind, and spirit to help prepare her for the shift and changes in her life. The new mother needs to be loved, mothered, and given the knowledge and courage to do what every cell in her body already knows how to do. My mission is to help empower women to connect to their true selves, along with their babies and partners during this extraordinary time, and give them the tools to feel as fulfilled, calm, and strong as possible when it is time to step forward into Motherhood.


Christen is certified to teach the 2-day mini retreats and Birth Journey.