Carolyn Wise

Contact: + 262.894.1014


The English meaning of the name Carolyn is, “Joy. Song of happiness. Strong.” These words describe Carolyn well. She embodies compassionate, warm, nurturing “Mother Energy”. Carolyn is the mother of two teenage daughters, and holds this role in the highest honor as the single most rewarding endeavor of her life. It was what came after her own pregnancy and birth journeys that ignited her passion for guiding pregnant women along their personal journeys toward birth. She learned that the most important aspects are connection with other women, space for fears, expectations, and emotions, understanding the shifts taking place within, and the relationships with a spouse and oneself. In her own journey, Carolyn craved more sacredness, honoring, and blessings along the rite of passage that initiated her from maiden to mother. With this realization, Carolyn knew there were better ways, and became passionate about learning how to light that path for others.


Carolyn is a Life Coach, Women’s Circle Leader, Breathwork Facilitator, Birth Mentor and holds a Masters degree in Adult Education. Carolyn is dedicated to re-birthing sacred rituals with as many women as she can.


Carolyn is certified to teach the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.