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I am the mom to five grown sons and married to Mark. Three of my sons are married to three lovely ladies whom I have had the honor to support in birth. I have five wonderful grandchildren: three boys and two little girls. I have long been in the "business" of nuturing others, first as a preschool teacher, then as a public school teacher, assistant principal, principal and currently as a supervisor to support schools in the inclusion of our exceptional students with a variety of challenges.

In my earlier years, while giving birth to my own children, I managed to meet a nurse midwife who was a wonderful support in the birth of my third son ( I might add this birth was where I felt the most successful) and began to think about midwifery as a career choice. However, this was early and there was a great deal of discussion about midwives as so "last century" and only for "hippies." I put that thought away and went on to a successful teaching career.

When my first son's wife gave birth, I offered to support her through a VBAC. It was successful in the sense that she had a vaginal birth, but traumatic in her treatment by the hospital. I knew we could do better. When my second daughterinlaw chose a midwife, doula and home birth, my interest was piqued again. I researched the possibilites of learning to be a doula, something I thought I could do along side my current job with the idea I could do this when I retired in five years.

The rest is a short history. I have taken my doula training and am currently in the ceritification phase (with the hope I will completed by Christmas). I have taken the Sacred Pregnancy course, as well as the Belly Binding mini course and I am registered to complete the Mother Roaster course. As well, I have been trained in the use of the Rebozo for comfort during labor.

I am fascinated by all aspects of making pregnancy and birth the best it can be for a woman. I love the idea of pregnancy being a sacred time in a woman's life, that she can embrace the beauty of the journey. I am thrilled to offer beautiful support for the prenatal to postnatal momma, wrapping her in the joy and beauty of her journey.

Having had the opportunity to offer support each step of the way and see the confidence and peace grow in the momma through each service I have offered, has convinced me that this is not just pleasant but necessary for the momma to make the transition from maiden to motherhood. It is imperative that we create a sisterhood for each momma so she will have the love of her sisters to carry her in the journey even past birth.

I look forward to guiding this journey through Sacred Pregnancy.


Brenda is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats.