Birth Journey Online


What are the Sacred Birth Journey Classes + What Will I Learn/ Experience as a Birth Worker? 


***After completing the training you will be able to take these classes back to your own community and teach them to start your Sacred Pregnancy career!


The 4 week Birth Journey courses are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics: 


sacred space + couples connect + birth visualizations + vision cards

mala making + mantras

Partner Projects :  beauty way birth vision cards + making a mala & mantras +

heart to heart connection with beloved


TRUST + fear release + LOVE HORMONE "oxytocin" + 'surrender'

with the power of the senses
Partner Projectsmother wisdom + animal wisdom meditation + diving into the senses + finding your "sacred scent" (smell) + surrender with chocolate (taste) +

birth song (sound) + sacred kiss (touch)

Week T H R E E : BIRTH 

Birth Talk : PRACTICE pushing into the surges + stages of labor + birth videos + ohm-ing + Love LABOR METHOD + creating a SACRED HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE + SACRED KISS
Partner Projects : LOVE labor method + practice deep voice toning & ohm-img + learn a few rebozo techniques for comfort + birth ball + date with nature


rite of passage + mother roasting + salt bowl + bow meditation

(claiming parenthood)
Partner Projects
: salt bowl + crossing the threshold into parenthood

+ learn traditional belly bind 

**Once certified, you as the pregnancy + birth visionary, will be able to do the following:


1.  Lead pregnant couples in the *BIRTH JOURNEY* 4 week class series, where the couples meet up with you once a week for 4 weeks to go down their sacred BIRTH path! This will allow you to bring a hearty taste of Sacred Pregnancy to your communities! 


2. Make some money! You choose how much you want to charge for your classes, although we recommend $150-200. per couple (which would include art supplies). Further, you will be invited to join our membership that the SP Mentor Instructors are invited to join. This membership allows you to have access to hundreds of photos in our photo library, fully designed + printable marketing materials, the ability to join our support FB private groups, and placement on our website with your photo + bio + link to your own websites. If you are already a member, you do not need to join again!



1. Training Cost: $150.  Fees must be paid in full upon signing up.


2. Supplies: You will need to purchase the Sacred Pregnancy Book, Mother Wisdom Deck, Animal Medicine Cards, Sacred Pregnancy CD (downloadable on iTunes), and there will be art supplies that you will need to procure. Most of which are very affordable and easily attained. You will get a "supplies" list prior to the first class starting.


3. Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Membership: Following your certification, Sacred Pregnancy Membership is mandatory for one year and after that it is optional: $100./per year (you will have 6 weeks after the training ends to procure membership.) When you become a member you receive a private pass-code that will give you access to our incredibly extensive photo library, printer ready marketing materials, your photo + bio+ personal websites listed on our Sacred Pregnancy site, and you will be invited to post on our events page on the website.