Angie Kusek-Schubert
Door County





Angie lives in beautiful Door County, just north of Green Bay, WI with her high school sweetheart, Bubba, twin boys Harry and Ollie and fur babies, Mabelle and Melvin. She is a natural living enthusiast and lover of all things sacred.

Her molar pregnancy miscarriage in 2014 is what lead her to the sacred living movement. She searched for miscarriage doulas and came across the sacred pregnancy movement. The program spoke to Angie as it combined her favorite things, sisterhood, art, good food, essential oils, flower essences and so much more! Angie's life was forever changed when she attended the Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Training in Las Vegas. She is stoked to share the beauty way with everyone she can!

Angie has also taken courses in Sacred Ayurveda and Sacred Flower Essence.

When she's not "working" you can find Angie gardening, kayaking, fermenting and culturing all the things, baking, teaching art, or getting into trouble.


Angie is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats, the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes. She is also a certified Mother Roaster through The Art of Sacred Postpartum.