Allyson Ilardi



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With each of my three pregnancies + birth experiences my connection to pregnancy + birth has grown deeper and richer as well as my passion to help women see their true beauty + strength at such a momentous and sacred time in their lives.


I admire the truth and love that exudes form a pregnant woman. The way her hands cradle her child within and the beauty that emanates her.


I believe the first tender moments as baby is welcomed into the world as magical + sweet.


I resect and honor the raw emotions that a birth brings. The silent moments where deep breaths are the only sounds heard and the exhilarating moments of arrival the bring laughter + tears.


We celebrate and honor YOU + this beautiful moment in time as you become a mother.


Allyson is certified to teach the 2-day Mini Sacred Pregnancy Retreats, the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.