Alison Ritchie

Contact: + 204.230.8534




My love for pregnancy and birth blossomed along with my own growing belly during my first pregnancy. After some resistance, I dove heart first into learning whatever I could about the subject. From there, a passion for nutrition and birth support developed. I’m a DONA certified Doula, Practitioner for Nutritional Wisdom in the child bearing year and a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor. I also offer birth photography and other workshops and services. I am honored to work with, and witness women during this transformative year. I have experienced both sides of the birthing spectrum with my 2 pregnancies and believe that this has been a gift and an asset in working with and understanding pregnant Mama’s.

Besides spending time with my husband, 2 children, family and Soul Sisters, my passions are cooking slow traditional food, growing, harvesting and preserving fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, nourishing deeply, feeling fully and making a daily effort to be present and living in the N O W.


Alison is certified to teach the 8-week Pregnancy Journey classes + the 4-week Birth Journey classes.